The Proposal – Jannany & Gobi

Now we take you on a love story that started out in Vancouver, Canada and hit a milestone all the way in Jamaica. Meet Jannany and Gobi, a couple who are a testament to the old saying “opposites attract.” 

I was overwhelmed as to how far and beyond he went to organize a milestone in our relationship.

About Jannany & Gobi

We were both raised in traditional Tamil families; he grew up in a family of five boys and I was raised by my mother with an older sister. With myself being a hairdresser at Style Lab in Coal Harbour and a co-owner at LuvAnia Beauty Studio and Gobi employed at Mercedes Benz company, we definitely have our differences – but it’s also crazy how much we have in common.

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How They Met

As the Tamil stereotypical scenario goes, we were family friends but never really talked to each other. We were both shy kids growing up, and it was only three years ago we met at a Tamil student formal – which my business partner and I were sponsors for. It was then that we first chatted, which led to a night out with friends. We ended the night at a vegan restaurant.  As awkward as first dates goes, I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was a vegan at the time – especially when he took me to a cheesecake dessert cafe during our first date. (You would think he would of picked up on the hint when we dined at a vegan restaurant on our first encounter.)
Here we are three years later..
Me: No longer a vegan
Him: The same old Gobi
We are so excited to start the next chapter of our lives!

The Proposal

We planned a trip to Jamaica with two of Gobi’s friends and their girlfriends during spring break.  It was the perfect destination for our 3 year anniversary!  Gobi planned a celebratory dinner for the two of us on our 3rd day in Jamaica.  It was precisely March 20th during the morning, I unexpectedly  woke up to room service knocking on the door with breakfast. Me being so naive, I thought, “Wow! They knew it is our anniversary!” We carried on with our day by the pool and later when I walked in to our room, it was filled with flowers and a bottle of wine.
Next was dinner and I was still oblivious to what was happening, even though a random photographer from the resort asked to take pictures. I figured since we were all dolled up, why the heck not?   That night, we had the most surreal dinner in a gazebo by the water during the sunset. I was overwhelmed as to how far and beyond he went to organize a milestone in our relationship. Here I was, in complete awe, when the photographer popped out of no where and the rest felt like a blur.  I turned around to Gobi on one knee and my whole world stopped for a moment!  Words cannot describe the amount of happiness and excitement I felt that night.

Wedding Planning

We are planning to get married in the summer of 2019.  I am extremely excited and have already started looking for vendors. I know 2 years seems like a long time to be engaged but planning a wedding is stressful with our busy schedules.  I must say, it feels strange to be a “bride to be” instead of working behind the scene!
Tie • The • Thali would like to wish this lovely couple nothing but the best for their upcoming wedding.

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