Tamil Slow Dance Songs – Ultimate Playlist

Often times when planning a wedding, we sit and focus on everything from the outfits, the style of the Thali, the food, the decor, the music… especially the music ! Music is tied into memories so selecting the perfect playlist ensures that you get to enjoy your big day for years to come. The music you play at weddings is also key in setting the atmosphere and mood for the whole event. We here at Tie The Thali understand that coming up with your own playlists during  wedding prep can be exhausting, especially when you already have a million things running through your head. That is why we here at Tie The Thali worked to put together Ultimate Wedding Playlists so you can put your brain cells toward other wedding tasks.

One of the questions we kept receiving after every new playlist we put out was if we could recommend a Tamil song for  either the first dance or for a slow dance.  We aren’t going to lie, this one threw us off a bit. We racked our brains and thought to  the (limited) weddings we had attended and then flipped back to any highlight reel we’d seen online from a wedding and  realized, very few couples had chosen a Tamil Song to be their first dance song. Why? Well we wondered the same thing! When we approached various couples we had worked with and asked why they hadn’t gone with a traditional Tamil song to kick off the party, the most popular answer was that they hadn’t thought of a Tamil song to slow dance to! This seemed shocking to us because we can’t count how many times we have sat and gotten into a beautifully composed slower Tamil number and become one with the words! 

We thought we would rectify this and come up our own playlist of slow dance/ first dance worthy Tamil songs! After numerous research and hours of listening back and forth, we think we finally have an epic playlist that’s sure to woo any couple out on to the dance floor for a sweet moment. Without further ado, here is Tie The Thali’s next addition to our Ultimate Playlists: Tamil Slow Dance Songs!

  1. Song: Muthu Mazhaiye
    Film: 3
    Artist: Babi Supram | JeroneB

  2. Song: Nee Partha Vizhigal
    Film: 3
    Artist: Dhanush | Shruti Hassan

  3. Song: Neeyum Naanum
    Film: Naanum Rowdy Thaan
    Artist: Neeti Mohan | Anirudh

  4. Song: Maalai Mangum Neram
    Film:  Rowthiram
    Artist: Nikki Prakash

  5. Song: Venpaniye Munpaniye
    Film: KO
    Artist: Sriram Parthasarathy | Bombay Jayashri

  6. Song: Moongil Thottam
    Film: Kadal
    Artist: Abhay Jodhpurkar |Harini

  7. Song: Vaseegara
    Film: Minnale
    Artist: Bombay Jeyashri

  8. Song: Thalli Pogathey
    Film: Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada
    Artist: Sid Sriram | Aparna Narayanan | ADK

  9. Song: Sirikkadhey
    Film: Remo
    Artist: Arjun Kanungo | Srinidhi Venkatesh

  10. Song: Kannai Vittu
    Film: Iru Mugan
    Artist: Tipu | Pravin Saivi | Srimathumitha

  11. Song: Thodu Vaanam
    Film: Anegan
    Artist: Hariharan | Shakthisree Gopalan

  12. Song: Ennodu Nee Irundhaal
    Film: I
    Artist: Sid Sriram |  Sunitha Sarathy

  13. Song: Yaaro Manathile
    Film: Dhaam Dhoom
    Artist: Bombay Jayashri | Krish

  14. Song: Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil
    Film: Deivathirumagal
    Artist: Saindhavi

  15. Song: Engeyum Kadhal – Title Track
    Film: Engeyum Kadhal
    Artist: Aalaap Raju | Devan | Ranina Reddy

  16. Song: Ennai Saithale
    Film: Endrendrum Punnagai
    Artist: Hariharan | Shreya Ghoshal

  17. Song: Siru Nadai
    Film: Urumeen
    Artist: Karthik

  18. Song: Thendrale Thendrale (cover)
    Film: Kadhal Desam
    Artist: Nikhil Mathew

  19. Song: Neeyum Naanum
    Film: Paambhu Sattai
    Artist: Ajesh

  20. Song: Neethane
    Film: Mersal
    Artist: A R Rahman | Shreya Ghoshal

  21. Song: Thendral Vanthu (Cover)
    Film: Avatharam
    Artist: Vannakam

  22. Song: Munbe Vaa
    Film: Sillunu Oru Kadhal
    Artist: Masala Coffee Band
  23. Song: Un Kadhal Irundhal Podhum (Reprise)
    Film: Kavalai Vendam
    Artist: Vandana Srinivasan

  24. Song: Nallai Allai
    Film: Kaatru Veliyidai
    Artist: Sathya Prakash | Chinmayi
  25. Song: Anbe Sugama 
    Film: Parthale Paravasam
    Artist: Srinivas | Sadhana Sargam

We hope you enjoyed listening to our slow dance playlist  and hope you discovered some new songs to help you make your big day memorable!  Make sure to check out all of Tie The Thali’s playlists:

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