Maeva & Guillame

From France to Mauritius – to settling in France. This is the story of how Maeva and Guillame met. We were also delighted to hear that Tie The Thali as of huge inspiration while planning their wedding. Now, check out their feature to gather your own inspiration.

We met in Mauritius, my husband Guillaume came to work in Mauritius so we met while he was there. I (Maeva) am a Graphic Designer from Mauritius, and he is a telecommunications engineer from France. We have been dating for thre years before deciding to get engaged. Then because of his work, he had to move to New Caledonia where I ended up following him. We had our civil  before moving to France. Since I am of Tamil culture, I wanted a Tamil wedding in Mauritius with all my family. Therefore; we did the ceremony on July 15, 2018. Most of my husband’s family was present – and it was also a great opportunity for everyone to meet. Happily ever after started then.



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Photographer: Luminair Studio

Tie The Thali would like to thank this lovely couple for sharing their big day with us and our readers. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life!

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