Dhiviya & Venky

Bangalore Days – remember that movie? Now forget the movie, and let’s just steal the title as it suits who you are about to read more on today. Meet Dhiviya & Venky – a loving couple who’s story and images will make your heart melts. How often do you go on your own way, only to somehow connect path again. Let’s find out!

We (Dhiviya & Venky) both went to the same boarding school in Bangalore, but only really connected with each other at a reunion in 2013 before we went our separate ways early 2014. Venky to Bangalore, me (Dhiviya) to San Francisco.

Sometime in the year 2016, we reconnected again with the help of Whatsapp still only maintaining birthday wishes and pleasantries. By the end of that year I had a trip planned to come home to celebrate Christmas with my parents. It’s at that time when we both met each other and really got to spend some time together. I remember my trip lasted for two weeks & we had started to spend so much time together I knew  that this was going to turn into something serious. However, there was still the elephant in the room to be discussed, “long distance relationship”. We were very wary of that and didn’t want to commit to anything just yet. So, we decided to go with the flow, but surprisingly we managed it just well. Both of us knew that we would have to make more effort and give more time to nurture this relationship.

Around mid-April, my husband’s parents were travelling for a wedding when they decided it was time to start the ‘bride-hunt’ for him, that is when he spoke with them about me and our relationship. Followed by me telling my parents about Venky & his family.

After that everything started moving at rocket speed, both the families met and they decided on an engagement date in June and wedding in December. I packed my bags, bid my goodbyes to my friends and family in San Francisco to come marry the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Our wedding was a full Tamil Iyer style wedding which lasted for four days, starting from the Sangeet, to Vradham, Nischayadhartham, Reception, the Oonjal, and of course the wedding. Every small detail of the wedding was taken care of by my mother, she was so particular to add some touches that left all the guests in wow!

We both are Tamilians but lived across various places through our lives. My husband Venky, is from Nagpur but has lived extensively in Delhi, Chennai, and Goa. While I have lived in Nigeria, Singapore, and San Francisco. Our only common link was the few years in boarding school in Bangalore. Coincidentally we both are in the digital marketing space, he works for “Ab InBev” & I for “Accenture Pvt. Ltd.” We are currently based in Bangalore.

We got married on December 13th, 2017 in Bangalore amongt the presence & blessings of all our families and friends from around the world.

My mom was very particular of the location. We had estimated about 70% of our guests to be coming from various places so we wanted a convenient location in the middle of the city while still being close to the airport. Gayathri Vihar Palace grounds was the most ideal location.

Venky is an avid sports person, he loves everything and anything sports related and always jokingly tells me sports will always be his first love. However, we both share the same love for dance. When we were getting to know each other, I mentioned to Venky about how I love to dance and he would always tell me that he is not a good dancer to which I would sadly say it’s alright. After our engagement, we had a cocktail party for our friends where he came and surprised me with the most killer moves, leaving me shocked.







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Photography: 1Plus1Studios
MUAH: Manjusha Bajaj
Sarees: Prakash Silks Kanchipuram & Shreenivas Silks and Sarees 
Jewellery: Khazana Jewellery, Tanishq & Heirloom
Blouse: Needle Eye Boutique

Tie The Thali would like to thank this lovely couple for sharing their big day with us and our readers. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life!


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