Hindu Wedding – Vinoth Raj Pillai Photography

Are you guys ready for more shots from the lovely Vinoth Raj Pillai Photography? This time, we’ve collaborated for a Hindu Wedding.

““How did you guys meet?”, I asked. Praveen said, “We were neighbours as kids in Alor
Setar. That’s how we knew of each other’s existence. But we lost touch after my dad was transferred.” Right after, Jaishree whispers to me, “Ya, at the time he was too shy to talk to me, in fact, we rarely spoke!”

Years passed and they lost touch.  But with time, Facebook came along and their childhood friendship was rekindled.  From no contact over the past few years, they started messaging each other on a daily basis. And the next thing you know, they started a long distance relationship whilst Jaishree was studying in New Zealand. The moment she came back, Praveen popped the question, and she said yes!

To me, this was a beautiful journey of how two people found each other again through technology despite the years and distance apart. A fairy-tale story indeed and I’m thankful to the happy couple and their families for opening up to me to capture their story and treating me as one of the family.



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