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Today’s wedding feature is a classic example of how a wedding is not only a union of two people, but two families. This couples feature is a favourite of ours here at Tie The Thali  because it not only showcases their love but also portrays the roller coaster of emotions people experience during weddings, the love of parents and what happens when a great team of vendors join forces to put forth a wedding. Abby & Suhans story is one that many people can relate to and make sure when you  watch that highlight reel to grab a box of tissues or you’ll end up with wet sleeves like we did!


Suhan and I have been together for almost 5 years before we got married, which doesn’t seem like a long time until you realise that our relationship was in fact arranged by our parents. 

Through all these trials and tribulations mine and Abby’s relationship has grown stronger and made us realise that this was not an arranged marriage anymore but true love indeed. 


What most people don’t know is that I hated Suhan when I was younger. Our families have known each other for many years and I remember asking my mum before every family party to call up and ask if Suhan and Gajan (his brother) would be there. To this day I cannot pinpoint why I felt this way but my sister said that it was like school days where the boy that picks on you just secretly admires you!

I’m from West London but I’m currently working as a dentist in England.  


I’m from North London, born and bred. Right now I’m a final year medical student at the University of Glasgow. I started talking to Suhan just after I applied to medical school and I remember our first couple of phone calls were practice interviews! 

Our religious ceremony was on the 28th June 2017 at the Oshwal centre. Initially I wanted this at the temple but after finding out our guest list increased to 400 guests I knew this would be impossible! The reception was on the 1st July 2017 at the Meridian Grand for 700 people. 


We started planning the wedding 18 months in advance, even that felt like not enough time to plan.

As we are both away from London for work and studies we found it a challenge to plan a wedding in London. But our family members took the lead especially my sister in law, Luxna, who was our de facto wedding planner. We booked our photography with Siva Prakash who had contacts within the Tamil wedding industry and this put us on the right path.  


Suhan and I were home for the Christmas holidays where we celebrated our engagement with our families. During this period we were meeting with various vendors to explore our options. Before settling with Black Magic Creations for the videography we met with one other videographer beforehand whose lack of enthusiasm made us realise how important it is to have a connection with all your vendors. They are the people you will have to have contact with up until the wedding date. They all turned out to be our dream team and from there it was plain sailing…

A highlight of the reception was our wedding cake which is to be featured on national television. The sheer size of it meant we had to use a sword to cut the cake!!


Abby and Suhan:
It took 18 months to plan but it was all over in a flash. We are grateful to be starting our married life with the blessings of all our family and friends. We are looking forward to our future together as a married couple. 


Wedding Highlights








Highlight Reel

Featured Vendors:

Photographer: Siva Prakash Photography
Videographer: Black Magic Creations

Bridal Outfit: VA Collections
MUAH: Renuka MUA
Venues: Oshwal Center Meridian Grand
Decor: Om Creatives
DJ: Bee Sounds
Cake: Creme De La Cakes
Catering: Ruby’s Catering Service

Tie • The • Thali would like to thank Abby & Suhan for sharing their wonderful story and wedding experience with all of our readers and us. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life!

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