Kancheevaram Weaves By Zobha

You’ve all probably seen the stunning images of Pavithra and Prem Anand, but now it’s time to find out more on Pavithra’s business – Kancheevaram Weaves by Zobha. Her collection of sarees have many around the world wanting to get their hands on a pair to call their own. But how did Pavithra get into this venture? Read below to find out more.

Where is Kancheevaram Weaves from? When and how did you start this company?
Kancheevaram Weaves By Zobha was founded in Malaysia. This is solely a Malaysia based company. It was founded in June of 2016. I (Pavithra) actually started this as my hobby. I am an interior designer by profession. During my wedding in 2014, I designed my own pre-wedding clothing + and our pictures were taken in Agra,Jaipur,and Puskar (North India). My love for clothing started from there! The story about my venture have been published in Berita Harian cut out, one was last year in November and another one was in March 2017.

Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of this company, and your team as well?
I am an interior designer by profession, and I’ve ventured into clothing business as part of my hobby. Zobha doesn’t have a team. I have been running the business by myself. At times, where  there is an expo or any other events, I will have some of my friends help me. Otherwise, this business is run all by me!


How do you keep up with current trends? What generation of clients are your products most appealing to?
Kancheevaram Sarees are classic, and to be outstanding than other saree competitors. I play with the colour combinations that other vendors often fail to do. What is unique about Zobha is that we design our own sarees and we give designs ahead and get our weaver to weave it for us. What we have, no other vendor’s in Malaysia will have! We have lots of young and an equally elderly generation that has been showing us how much they have fallen in love with our designs and are happy and satisfied with the type of quality we are delivering to them. It is not easy to get good kancheevaram sarees.

Do you only do custom orders, or do you have in-stock premade sarees available as well?
Zobha only sells ready stock and we don’t have an online platform business. We also do custom made saree upon requests.

How long does it take to get a custom saree made? What is the lead time on most of the custom designs?
We usually request customers to book 6 months in advance.


Do you have any suggestions or advice for our readers that have never made a custom design – and require some assistance with creativity?
Based on my experience in this business, most of the customers we have come across seem to put my care into the colour of the saree instead of the design. When it comes to colours, there are many aspects to look out for such as skin tone, height (of yourself), what type of event, and so on. It is best to figure these points out to narrow down what type of saree would suit you best.

Do you have a studio, are you home-based? Where are the majority of your clients from? Have you had clients from overseas design and purchase with you?
We have a boutique in Kepong. When it comes to clients, we get them from everywhere! When we organize an Expo, we receive a lot of support from everyone – all around the world. We also do have customers all the way from US that come down just to purchase our sarees – and we also do courier sarees abroad.

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How can clients North America and Europe purchase your items?
We ship worldwide.

What is Kancheevaram Weaves most known for? Sarees, Lenghas, Suits, etc? 
Pure Kancheevaram sarees and embroidery blouses.

Where is the material for most of your designs purchased from?
Kanchipuram itself.

What has been the most challenging part about running a business? What has been the most enjoyable detail of this business?
I really enjoy doing this and I don’t look at the negative parts of it. Everyday, I look forward to creating something beautiful for all the brides that comes to me.

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Which one of the three jewellery items completes a saree? Bangles, Necklace, Earrings (you can only choose one)

What is one colour that you find most clients gravitating towards?
Red and pink.

Tell us about some of your collaborations, whether it be with makeup artists, models, etc?
We have collaborated with Jastina (makeup artist), Tyazz modelling agency, Mohandass Photography and a lot more coming up in the near future.

What are some events where clients can expect a sale? (diwali, etc)
Wedding months are usually good to find a good sale.

Are most of your clientelles brides, or do most people just buy any type of saree from you without occasion or reason?
It is equal for the most part, but it depends. There are many people that love kancheevaram out there so they don’t mind buying beautiful pieces from us – besides just the brides.


Tell us something about Kancheevaram Weaves that not a lot of people would know. It could either me a service you provide, product, etc.
It’s the personalised service we provide (which is only by appointment) and one on one with a customer at a time that makes us special and different.

Name your top three colours sold for Kancheevaram sarees in 2016?
Red, gold, and pink!


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Tie • The • Thali would like to thank Pavithra for doing an interview with us, and for sharing with the world a little more about her successful business. We are also grateful to have made a sweet friend out of getting to know her business. 

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