Jastina – Makeup and Hair Artist

Tell us a bit about yourself and who you are outside of being a MUAH? (Hobbies, favourite food, favourite designer, anything you would like to share with our readers to help them get to know you better)

To start off about my self, I am a pampered daughter at home. I am the only daughter with two brothers and am now a proud wife. Outside of being a MUAH, I like to travel. I want to witness all the wonders of the Earth with both my eyes, meet people from different regions, and grow with people in different countries! Simply put, I am a people person.

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How did you get into makeup and being MUA? What fascinated you about this line of work and made you pursue it?  Are you trained professionally?

Back then, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to cope with the pressures of being a makeup artist. But here I am today, four years into the journey. If it wasn’t for my mom Shanti Perumal, who single-highhandedly started her bridal business 23 years ago, I wouldn’t have ventured into this path and found my passion in life. This wonderful journey will not be possible without the support from my family and husband. I am completely a self-taught artist in this bridal industry, until last year, when I took up a short airbrush makeup technique course to learn more about other makeup techniques available. 


How long have you been a MUAH? How long have you worked on Brides? If you had to pick one word to describe your style for your makeup application, what would it be and why?

I have been a MUAH for four years now. My style for brides is best known as simple and natural. This is because in the Indian bridal industry, all caramel/deep skinned brides have been made to end up looking too “white”. I wanted to make a change to that and say it’s totally okay to have their makeup done within their skin shade (keeping it natural) and still be a glowing bride on their wedding day. I am also now known to work on deeper skin because I personally love working with deep skin.

How important are trials do you think, especially for a bride? What is involved in the trial process? How long does a trial take? How advance should a bride book the trial for?

Importance of trial makeup to me is very subjective. Being a full-time professional bridal makeup artist and with the experience I have gained, it makes me comfortable working on new skin shades and types right away. Most importantly the bride has chosen us because they like our style of work and want the rest to be taken care of. However, trials are very important if the bride is hiring an amateur to do her bridal makeup just to ensure everything is in tact and that the bride gets what she wants. Some important aspect that a bride needs to take note of are how long the makeup will last, and whether or not she will  have any type of reactions or allergies from the makeup used. These are all things that can be tackled during the trial to avoid any mishaps on the big day. 


Normally when booking a MUA for a Hindu wedding, it involves not only make up application but also hair, saree draping and sometimes even accessory rentals. Do you work solo? Do you have assistants to help you with any of the aforementioned?

Yes, hiring us comes in a package— it is a one stop centre for our brides because we handle their request right from A to Z. I am the makeup artist and hair dresser, while my mom does saree draping and  hair dressing as well. In addition, we provide bridal jewelries as well for brides. My mom and I work in tandem to ensure all the needs of the bride are met.  

When it comes to a wedding, everyone wants to get their hair/makeup done. Do you take on another person(s) along with the bride (Mother of the Bride, sister etc.) Why or why not? Do you have other MUAHs you recommend?

We do accept brides mom and sisters if requested, and if it is more than what we can handle due to the time constrain, I have my students who I have personally trained take on the additional family members.


Out of the three (hair/makeup/saree draping), which do you find the most challenging? What is one tip/trick/secret you have been taught to deal with that?

Out of the three, my most challenging would be saree draping . I have yet to master my hands with the art of draping and that is why I have the expert (my mom) to do it! Personally, hair is also equally challenging because not everyone has the same amount of hair to work with. This is especially a challenge when it comes to Hindu bridal hair because we need to ensure the hair is neat and tight for all the garlands etc that get placed in the hair. My magic weapon to be able to do any type of hair by using a hair creep machine (found in any hair depot stores) that gives instantly thickened and voluminous hair to work with. 


We all know the importance of great skin and how it’s the ultimate foundation for great makeup application. What are some tips/guidelines you pass along to brides who book with you to help them achieve great skin?

To have great skin, brides should follow their skin care routine without miss, and do a facial treatment to have fresh and nice skin. Regular healthy food intakes rejuvenates skin as well. Brides should rest well to avoid any dark circles around their eyes or looking tired as the wedding dates get closer.

You are based out of Malaysia, a country with a warmer climate. For a bride who is from a country of colder climate getting married in Malaysia, the climate can be something that is a bit of a challenge in regards to makeup (sweating), outfits (sticking to you), hair (humidity) etc. How can you help a bride prepare for this? What do you recommend to deal with the warmer climate? Are there different products you use on your clients when you know they may be sweating a little more than a local?

In situations as this, it’s a must to have a makeup trial  done to ensure everything sets in right for the bride. Product wise,  MAC has products catered for cool and warm skin tones that also are sweat and heat-resistant. As a professional makeup artist, it is ideal to have a set of makeup products for different skin types, and usually there is something in my kit that will work with everyone’s needs.


Name a staple in your kit, something you would cry over if you left at home?

My concealers.

The cosmetic industry is slowly evolving to have better shade ranges to include Asian skin tones. Even then, certain lines don’t carry exact matches. What kind of products do you use to custom blend an exact skin match for your Asian clients?

My most favourite would brands are Mac, Nars, Bobbi Brown Marc Jacobs  and Hour Glass as they have a variety of shades and ranges in their collections. I tend to mix amongst these to achieve the perfect, custom blend. 



Tell us about one of your first experiences getting a bride ready? How did it go? Were you nervous? Did everything go as you’d planned?

The first bride was always a bride to remember because I  was  an amateur at the time. Regardless, I felt confident I would do alright because my mom was next to me throughout the entire process. 

When you look back on your first client, what is one thing you would do differently now?

Pick better lipstick shades!

For brides that are reading this – what are a few things you would recommend to them to ensure MUA can do their job more efficiently and smoother.

For brides, choosing a MUAH should not only be about the makeup and hair itself. Brides should look at how easy it is to correspond with an artist and if they are consistently replying to questions and emails. Is the artist keeping up with their marketing and social accounts? Is their website updated for you to read reviews on prior to booking them?


Your go to lippie for a bride would be a) Lipstick (specify formula type) b) Liquid Lipstick/ Lip Stain c) Lip Gloss?  Why?

My go to is a liquid lipstick from Stila. This would be my highest recommendation as they don’t crack on the lips, are super long-lasting and look fresh and stay matte.
Give us your go to in the following categories, a product that has never failed you:
  1. Foundation – NARS

  2. Setting Powder – MAC

  3. Eyeliner – LAKME

  4. Lipstick – STILA (Get 20% off your first order on stilacosmetics.com )

  5. Mascara – TOO FACED (Get 20% off your first order on https://www.toofaced.com/ )

  6. Highlighter –BECCA (Get 20% off your first order on https://www.beccacosmetics.com/)


Who do you consider to be a role model? Who did you look up to when you first started out as a makeup artist? How was this person shaped who you’ve become in the wedding industry?

It has to be my mom who is the one that introduced me to this whole makeup world. Apart from her,  Tamanna Roashan , who is the guru of makeup.
If you could collaborate with any other MUA, who would it be and why?
I might be dreaming saying this but it has to be Tamanna Roashan from the US. Meeting her alone would be the best gift ever!
If you could have anyone in the world do your makeup for your wedding, who would it be and why? If you are already married, if you could redo your wedding, who would you have as your MUA and why?

I am already married, but given a choice I  would want BlushBeautyBeyond to be part of my big day.

Through the power of social media, you have reached followers all over the globe. Are you willing to travel overseas for a bride that wishes to book you?

Yes, of course I would! I have a couple of bookings reserved for 2017 abroad in India and other countries for bridal courses.



Jastina is not only a MUAH but also runs her own Master Classes where you can learn tips and tricks on the industry itself. For brides looking to book a MUAH in Malaysia, Jastina’s got you covered!

For more information, please check out her social media!

Jastinas wonderful images were taken by her Husband: @mohandas.shyree.photography

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