Top 5 Bridesmaids Gifts

You’ve got the ring on your finger and now it’s time to start planning out all the fine details of your big day. One of the best parts about your big day, is who you chose to share it with and the bridal party,  specifically your bridesmaids, will play a major role! They are the people who will be there for you, not only on your big day but leading up to it as well. Whether it is with planning, helping you pick out your outfits, or going to pick up your cousin whose flight got in late,  a bridesmaids’ role is a vital one to the success of a wedding.

Most Brides like to give a token of their thanks in the form of a gift.  While this is not necessary, it’s a good way to show your appreciation for the time, effort, and money your bridesmaids will be putting  into your wedding.

What should you give as a gift?

We at Tie • The • Thali, believe that your gift should be multi functional — can (and wanted to) be used again. While a bottle of your signature perfume may sound like a great idea, perfume is very personal to each individual. There are chances it can end up in the back of a drawer and can be totally forgotten. To help you avoid that, Tie • The • Thali has put together our top five recommendations for unique bridesmaids gifts.

1. Robes

These are a good idea because your bridesmaids can use them on the day of the wedding to wear and lounge around in while getting ready.

These robes by Plum Pretty Sugar just had us swooning. Their robe collection is extensive so we had a hard time picking out our favourites. 


What we love about this company is that they sell Robe Sets to save you the cost of having to buy individual Robes. How great is that!

Check out their Instagram for more Robe ideas!

2 . Nail Polish 

For the detail oriented brides, this is a good way of ensuring your bridesmaids have matching nails on your big day! Plus  your bridesmaid gets to take home a fabulous bottle of polish!

Here are some of our top picks for year round colours that are sure to wow your bridesmaids!

a) Miss Honey by KL Polish  ( INSTAGRAM: @klpolish




b) Fiji by Essie (Instagram: @Essiepolish)




C) Malaga Wine by OPI  ( Instagram: @opi_products)




You can do this with Lipstick as well but remember lip colours are difficult because the way they look will vary based on skin tones. We suggest picking a versatile colour like MACs Viva Glam I , (this is a tried and tested shade at Tie • The • Thali) that works on everyone. You can also turn this into a fun outing where you and your bridesmaids go out and try on colours to see what works best for everyone.


3. Customised Mugs, Champagne Flutes or Water Bottles




Customised Stemless Champagne flutes are great for toasting in some bubbly in the morning as you get ready and there’s less chance of knocking these sturdy guys over!

Get yours at  (Instagram @foxblossomco)


Alternatively, you can do mugs for the members who don’t drink! Sweet Tea anyone? Get yours by mrcwoodproducts available on Etsy!


Give the gift that keeps giving with these personalized S’well Water bottles. Made by LetsTieTheKnot available on Etsy. 

4. Jewelery

Accessories are a great gift as long as you make sure to choose pieces that will compliment the outfits worn on the wedding day but can also be used with outfits later!

a) Jhumkas


For your religious wedding, we recommend Jhumkas like these from Dazzling Darlings. Jhumkas are a timeless piece and when in a neutral colour, like these champagne stone ones, they can very easily be styled again with any outfit. 

Contact Miruna from Dazzling Darlings through her websites for more information:

b) Simple Chain with Pendant


For the reception these personalised chains are a simple statement piece that can be styled with casual attire, and for a more formal occasion. You can check out JewelleryJKW on Etsy to place more specialised orders.

5. Compacts




If you are like us, you want a compact for every purse/clutch you own so that you don’t have to remember to grab your compact every time you switch purses. Your bridesmaids will benefit from this compact as it is something they can keep in their clutch during your big day to keep their makeup looking fresh and their hair in place.

Check out The Knot Shop (Instagram: theknot) for a variety of bridesmaids compacts!

Whichever gift you decide to go with, you can be assured that they will all provide for great Photo Ops with you and your bridesmaids.

Don’t forget to use our Hashtag #TieTheThali so that we can view your pics and repost them on our page. Happy Shopping!


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