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The Indian Weave is a label in collaboration with India’s finest artisans, founded in November of 2015. Founded by husband and wife duo Puneet and Jean Roy, the couple combined their passion of  love of travel, eye for art, and the need to explore as a platform for their business. The team here at Tie The Thali couldn’t stop swooning over their unique,one – of – kind pieces when we browsed their website – and knew we had to get in touch with them for a feature!

“With a passion for textures and great craftmanship, our vision was to bring lesser known Indian Crafts to the forefront by curating a collection of well crafted, beautifully designed lifestyle and home accessories that stand out and capture the heart, colour and life of our country. “



Where is The Indian Weave based out of? What does your business do?

The Indian Weave is based out of Indian and features products from all over the glorious country. India has so much to offer besides the warmth and hospitality it is known for. At The Indian weave, our goal is to showcase exquisite selection of handmade items from all over India. We aim to bring lesser known Indian crafts to the forefront by curating a collection of well crafted, beautifully designed lifestyle and home accessories that stand out and capture the heart, colour and life of our country. 

brass round incense burner
Peacock Incense Burner

Tell us about the people behind The Indian Weave.

We are a couple who have turned our love for travel and art into a business. After having worked in luxury hotels for more than three decades, we were ready to pursue something that would allow the flexibility and freedom to pursue three important passions: a reason to travel, an opportunity to learn about our rich culture and finally, a chance to discover and promote the fascinating Indian heritage and its crafts.



How is The Indian Weave different from the other decor/ home accessories brands out there ?

Each piece is chosen by us personally. We travel across India from time to time visiting artisans and villages to ensure our products you see in our store are authentic. All products are handmade, hand crafted and are sourced most often from the artisans themselves who are making them as per age old traditions / practices.



Tell us about some of your collections you have put together.

We featured a Diwali and then a Christmas collection over the last few months. In the last couple of months, we have featured a festive collection which includes art and decor items like the kavaads, a selection of batik and handblock printed stoles and scarves plus hand stitched kantha bed linen not forgetting exquisite brass vintage collectibles. Our Prabhavalis ( temple brass frames ) have been immensely popular in the last month as they are framed on colourful silk fabric and make great wall hangings for your home.

Can you give us your three never fail decor tips?

  • If you like what you see , buy it no matter what kind of house or interiors you have as you will cherish it forever with fondness and there will always be space for it in your home and heart.
  • Vintage is always in vogue. By keeping it in any living space at your home,  it will be a conversation starter with your family and friends, as it has a lot of history and an air of mystique.
  • By curating  your own collection of beautiful vintage pieces and home accessories will not only to make your home beautiful, but also help keeping the Indian traditions and handicrafts alive.
dancing ganesh on peacock frame w chain1
Dancing Ganesha on Peacock Chain

Tell us about your curating process and the steps you go through to add to your collection – whether it be the travel involved, meeting with vendors, etc.

No matter which state we visit, we find local handicraft which is unique to the state / tradition. We try and identify what will be appreciated by our clientele especially Indians living abroad which will make them feel closer home – India and not forgetting foreigners who love everything Indian.

We get an understand of the process and the history behind each item, try as far as possible to meet the artisan one to one and since may not be able to travel back each time, we correspond via Whats app which is the most preferred form of communication with the artisans to get updates on new  products / ordering / etc. 



What is your mantra for being a successful small business owner?

Be passionate. Love what you do and as they say, if you make your passion or hobby your profession, you do not have to work a single day in your life. We are in that space now.

What’s in store for the future for The Indian Weave? What can our readers expect?

We plan to travel extensively in the coming year to discover more of “Incredible India”, meet with artisans, understand the traditions and the wide variety of Indian handicrafts available so can offer them to our clients, old and new.

Further, with this new site, we now have a drop down menu for currency especially INR which was missing earlier since we get many visitors to the site from within the country.

We have also upgraded our website over the New year which is now much more professional / easier for the buyer with categorization of items and feedback system, improved pictures and photography and banners plus a user friendly interface.



Where can one shop the Indian Weave products?

You can shop online at:

We ship through India International speed post which is most reliable and economical and delivers practically all over the world. India post normally take 12 to 14 days for delivery and you can track the shipment through India post site. We also do express delivery incase required through DHL and Fedex for which there are additional charges which are on actuals.

We are also on Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter where you can get regular updates.




The Indian Weave’s mission is to bring hidden Indian crafts to the market, by managing a collection of well crafted and beautifully designed items that will be sure to stick out and catch viewer’s attention.  The Indian Weave is specifically known for their collection of vintage hand craft brass items as well as items unique to India like the colourful, hand woven, woolen stoles with stone work from Kutch, khadi cotton stoles and scarves from Gujarat to the hand block printed quilts, bed linens, and cushion covers – to name a few.  

Whether you are looking for something to gift for a wedding, searching for unique decor pieces, or on the hunt to furnish your new home after your wedding, The Indian Weave is sure to have what you are looking for. We recommend these Hand Engraved Peacock Coasters pictured below – unique and original!

Hand Engraved Peacock Coasters

They ship worldwide so be sure to check out for their extensive collection.

For a limited time only, The Indian Weave is offering a discount code to our readers. Use Code: TTT10 at check out for your discount!




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