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This post is for all brides who are on the hunt for the perfect bridal saree. Our collaboration with Palam Silks enabled to us to get to know more about the company, along with their Nava Wedding Collection. A revamped way of ensuring a bride’s comfort and style is taken into consideration when coming up with a line of bridal sarees. See the full details of this collaboration below.

Palam Silks, a boutique design house in Chennai, India, specialises in intriguing and refreshing interpretations of the heritage of the Kanchivaram silk sarees. Having grown up surrounded by Kanchivaram silks, Mrs. Jeyashree Ravi is the founder of Palam Silks and the daughter of Sri Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti. Founded in 2003, the brand has introduced a wide range of collections, both traditional and contemporary, but still showcasing the beauty of Kanchivaram silk. At Palam, the contemporary designs are adorned with traditional patterns so that the sarees can be worn by anyone at any time.


Since its inception, Palam Silks has changed the way silk sarees are seen and worn in the country. With their designs featured in the Bollywood movie, Chennai Express and the introduction of a Corporate Collection perfect for working women, Palam has stepped outside of the box with their concept designs and weaves. They even launched a Concert Collection to the celebrate the popular musical season in Chennai during the month of December.


In South India, Kanchivaram sarees are what brides have always worn. It’s a bridal tradition, but it’s also one of the most beautiful kinds of sarees ever made. Palam Silks introduced the Nava Collection in keeping with that tradition, with lightweight and wrinkle-free sarees that are brightly coloured and designed to look and feel comfortable.

What makes Nava stand out from other bridal Kanchivarams is that the saree is perfect for any occasion – whether it’s for your wedding or any other event in the future. The worry is always how and where you will wear your wedding saree again, but with this collection, that fear is put aside. Nava strikes the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, maintaining the beauty of Kanchivarams, while changing the way the silks are worn.


Last year, Palam Silks launched the first look of the Nava Collection at the national Vogue Wedding Show. As the first South Indian silk saree brand, they turned heads and changed the way people looked at Kanchivaram silk sarees. The Nava collection is traditionally about bridal wear, but the range that was displayed was created specifically for the Vogue show. For the show, Palam Silks created a special dye in pastel shades for the yarn and incorporated silver zari. In comparison to South India, North Indian weddings use heavier material in their bridal wear. “A northerner’s reaction is always intriguing to us. They have multiple bridal wear options, so they usually keep just one saree due to the heavy material,” founder Ms Jeyasree said.


“When explaining our techniques for lighter silk and experience in the field, people fell in love with the sarees,” Ms. Jeyasree added talking about their appearance at the Vogue Wedding Show last year, “Buying bridal wear is usually a task, but to those who visited the stall, that one experience was enough to convince them that our sarees were necessary for their wardrobe.”

The Nava Collection was created not just for brides, but for the entire bridal party including bridesmaids, mothers and aunts – featuring sarees of various ranges and lighter pastel colours. Moreover, the Nava Collection is a one-stop shop for everything a bride could want, planning every element of their wedding ensemble under one roof.


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