Kanu and Thenes – Post-Wedding Shoot

From Paris to Santorini! This couple found time after their wedding to shoot a royal post-wedding shoot in Santorini, Greece. We absolutely love the Raja Rani feel, and how the colours of the outfits work perfectly with the white and blue scenic background of Santorini. 

Thenes and I are from Paris and met at my childhood friend’s wedding.  It was love at first side for both of us like a Bollywood movie where you see butterflies all around you and it is like you are lying on a cloud.

“We started talking and became good friends without showing our love emotions. It was like we knew at each other for ages ! Even though we are complete opposites : he is reserved and I am extrovert, I am rough and he is gentle, I am speed he is patient. But he is the perfect guy he showed me love and honesty. I began to appreciate this relationship because I finally got the protection I needed like my Superdad and someone like him to change my vision of marriage.

We truly realized how important we are to each other and 1 year later, we were married.
I didn’t dream of a BIG wedding but Thenes made every tiny things special for us. Our traditional wedding was in Lord Siva temple and as he is in the business of events : he is a cofounder/ cameraman of Blackmotion Photo Video in France, he knew how to prepare each detail of this function.  I had no ideas of our traditional wedding, he didn’t tell me anything about the decoration or food it was a surprise. I can say I was bluffed on april the 18th of 2016. We were reunited with our beloved people to share this union and It was more than what I imagined to be honest.
Some days after we celebrated our registration and reception, it was glamorous and majestic as we wanted in Raja Rani Theme. Our guests were surprised and all spent a pleasant moment with us. I had also another surprise by my husband, a special song by Unnikrishnan & Thenes realized the teaser of our traditional wedding with it. I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner. Thenes was very busy that time because of his work as it was wedding season, we could not plan a photoshoot and it was not very important for us that moment. Then, one year later for our 1st wedding anniversary we flew to Santorini in Greece and hubby prepared a photoshoot session to memorize this 1st year. I had no idea of how it would be I just followed him. It was wonderful and unforgettable.

I always say that “he is the King of my Heart”.



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Raja Rani theme in Santorini from Blackmotionphotovideo on Vimeo.

Kanu weds Thenesh – Sung by Unnikrishnan from Blackmotionphotovideo on Vimeo.


Images and Videos by: Black Motion (https://www.facebook.com/blackmotioneurope/)

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