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If you follow us on  Instagram, then you already know that one of our poplar weekday posts are our #WardrobeWednesdays in which we showcase creative, fun and upcoming styles to help you prepare for all your wedding needs. In keeping up with this tradition, todays blog post is a creative shoot showcasing trendy ways to wear your classic favourites. 

We see the world moving fast constantly trying to find something new and fast. We conceptualized this shoot in an old building against the modern infrastructure. 4 aspects were taken into consideration for this shoot. Makeup, Style, Expressions and Photography. 
This photo shoot was unfolded through the model Angel Vaishilee who wanted to create a cover photo for her upcoming album and decided to rope in deeply passionate and skilled individuals who are accomplished in what they love to do. Angel is a singer, host, and actor and has begun her journey in the arts at the age of 7. Angel wanted to do a fusion of Indian and modern looks for her shoot and wanted to incorporate vibrant colors as well to display the versatility of her character and give life to the shoot through her expressions to the world.
She then approached Rekha, who is new to all this, to come onboard and together they came up with the looks that you see in these pictures. Rekha was able to manifest her creativity into the looks for the shoot by taking inspirations from Pinterest, Editorial photoshoots and various Instagrammers to come up with the end product. 
Photographer Ashok Kumar began his exploration in the world of photography in 2007 when he was inspired by how pictures can tell a story by just looking at them. Self-taught, Ashok honed his skills on the streets of Singapore focusing on the movement and life found in the every day. Since then he has forayed into music and travel photography and was listed as one of the ten rising travel photographers in Singapore. This is Ashok’s first outdoor photoshoot. 
“Makeup can help you capture the moment”- Carine Roitfield
That is exactly what HMUA Mitra Nathan did for this shoot. With her flair for makeup, she manifested her creativity onto Angel to look the look and made it last throughout the whole shoot. After her PRO makeup course in USA, Mitra turned her passion and dreams into reality in 2013, when Hair & Makeup by Mitra Nathan was catalysed. There has been no turning back ever since. 
Last but not the least, accessories were brought in to amplify the old and new in the various shots portrayed. Hei accessories is a new startup who wanted to bring the vast cultures of India through accessories and infuse it with western concepts. Their focus on tribal jewellery is bringing about a known trend to our tiny island.
The shoot brought 4 different, highly passionate and talented individuals together which developed the results you see in the photos. When creativity and opportunity merge, much can be achieved. We proved it and we also believe that we create our own opportunities in life.  

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Featured Vendors

Photography: Ashok Kumar
Hair:  Rekha David
Accessories: Hei Accessories
Stylist: @stylezbyreks

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