Henna Art By Praveena – Dortmund, Germany

We take todays vendor interview all the way to Dortmund, Germany to talk to Praveena, a young lady who does Henna Art. Henna has become staple part of south asian weddings that finding the perfect henna artist can make or break your look. For those of you needing a henna artist in Germany,m look no further than Praveena!



Who is Henna Art By Praveena – aside from the henna artist we see on Instagram?

I’m a tamil woman born and raised in Germany and love to read books and to travel with my friends or with my fiance. I had always kept my private life and business life separated with two Instagram accounts. That’s why the most of my followers don’t even know, how I look like. I was always been interested into drawings and art. Because of that I started my career as a henna artist.


Where are you located?

I am located in Dortmund, Germany

 How long have you been doing your business for? When did you first start?

My life as an artist began in year 2010 when I was 18. When my older sister got married in that year, my father was the one, who did her a simple henna design. After that I was interested into doing henna.  I started to do henna on my little sister and cousin and practiced my skills. First I opened a facebook group and uploaded my works in that. Then I had my first client in 2011.

After I met my boyfriend (now fiance) Vinoth in the end of 2011, he supported me to create a fan page and enhanced my talent. Since then I started to build my career and was recognized as the first official tamil henna artist in Germany. Then in 2013 I started to taking orders for custom-made gifts with henna designs on it, like keepsake boxes, candles, canvases and much more. They are definitely unique gifts for weddings, birthdays, valentines days and more.


Since henna nights became popular for the tamil people and clients like to celebrate it with their family and friends, I also started to offer custom-made henna night decorations for them.


Tell our readers something that many wouldn’t know about you.

Many people think that my main profession is to be a henna artist. But that’s not the truth. I am currently studying civil engineering and going to graduate very soon.

Another assumption is that many think that I am a very quiet person. Of course I am shy and diffident when I go to my clients, but with my family and my closest friends I am really crazy and funny. Doing funny dub smashes, videos and audios and fooling around are in my regular routine 😀 .


How long was your longest journey to do a henna job?

My longest journey was almost 8 hours long.

What is the best part and the worst part of being a henna artist?

The best part is that I get an opportunity to make the best day off my clients life a litte more prettier.The worst part is definitely the pain in my back and legs after a long working day.


Can you tell us who has been your support system – those people who have helped you out from day, and picked you up when you’ve had a tough day?

Of course my family – especially my mum, who always stayed awake until I returned home and gave me a ‘moove’ treatment if i had back pains. And also my friends and fiance, who helped me with the social media and gave me tips to do things better.



We hope you enjoyed getting to know the lovely Praveena and about her art. If anyone is looking to contact her, she can be reached through both her Facebook and Instagram.

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