We couldn’t think of anybody better than these two, to feature for #FloralFriday! We have came across this couple and their business on Instagram and couldn’t be more delighted to feature their awesome creations on our blog today. Keep reading to find out more about BLOOMEN, a floral business operated out of Singapore. 


Tell us about the team at BLOOMEN and where you are located?

We are a husband and wife team located in Singapore! We have been working with flowers for a few years, but have been doing more weddings and events in the last year.

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What do you specialize in?

 Mostly Wedding florals. From personal flowers such as bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and flower crowns to venue flowers such as arches, ceremony decor and tablescapes. We also provide flower delivery services locally.

Have you done many weddings? What services have you provided for weddings (flower wall, bouquets, center pieces, etc)?

Yes, we are booked almost every other week for a wedding. We try to limit the number of weddings in a weekend so that the event can have our undivided attention during the entire process. Besides personal flowers for the bridal party and the family, we have decorated venues with flower arches, backdrops, tablescapes etc.


What are other services you provide other than floral arrangements? Do you provide set up, etc?

Most of our set-up and decoration involves flowers. We do also provide simple decor items such as candles, table runners and table numbers. Other styling services can be requested as well.


If a bride wants to have a bouquet made, how far in advance do you recommend then to place an order with you?

I would recommend at least 2 months in advance for a bouquet. As Singapore is a tropical country, most of our flowers have to be imported. More lead time is required to source and order the blooms to ensure they are available and in prime condition for the big day.

I would also recommend that if a bride likes the style of a particular florist, book them early before it’s too late. This is especially so if you would like them to design your entire wedding.

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Tell us about one of your most popular arrangements.

Recently brides have been requesting for wider, asymmetrical bouquets with lots of greenery and cascading silk ribbons instead of the traditional round bouquets. Our bouquets look really full and lush, and the dancing silk ribbons in the wind makes it extra romantic.

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Can you tell us what the minimum amount people can expect to spend for the following:

Bridal Bouquet: $250 to $350

Bridesmaid Bouquets: $60

Centerpieces (10- 12 tables): $100 and up

Boutonnières (5): $15 each

Tell us something about BLOOMEN that not a lot of people would know.

The business was actually started by Daryl. The name BLOOMEN is a play on the German word ‘Blumen’, which means flowers. Bloom represents flowers, while men represents Daryl as a male florist, which isn’t that common in Singapore. Although we have evolved into a husband and wife team, we decided to keep the name.

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What is the best way to contact you?

Email would be the best way to contact us.


Those of you lucky enough to be in the same country as these awesome florist, make sure you snap them up quick for your big day! This lovely team is also open to travel for weddings. Check out their Website and follow them on Instagram to keep up with all the fresh creations Daryl and Hema come up with!

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