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More often that not, we find ourselves buying premade outfits, and customizing the measurements to fit our bodies. Have you ever thought about getting your outfits custom made by a vendor? Saankri Label specializes in unique pieces that are fit for your body. Not only are they customized, but they also keep up to the latest trends and fashions. What more can you ask for? Saankri Label is owned by the lovely Kiran and we got a chance to get to know more about her creations.

Where is Saankri Label from? When and how did you start this company?
Saankri Label is an online fashion store with dispatches in India and Canada and we ship worldwide. I started SL out of pure love for trendy fashion pieces. I used to be an online shopper myself and found that most of the businesses were catered for bridal wear. For non bridal/party wear I found that either the pieces were not trendy enough or if they were trendy, they were very expensive. I wanted to create designs for people like myself who wanted a perfect match of both; pieces that made a statement at an affordable price. We also wanted to create our brand as an online business which allows practically anyone to shop our pieces around the world at the comfort of their home.


Tell us a little bit about Kiran outside of Saankri Label.
I am an engineer by profession, but have always had a passion for fashion. I love creating and customizing my outfits – which was probably the roots and grounds of SL. I gave up my full-time career and a well paid job to follow my dream. I am a simple person but I try to find inspiration in the smallest elements in life. I love people and building relationships.

How do you keep up with current trends? What generation of clients are your products most appealing to?
Of course, like most of us, I keep up with trends through social media, but my inspirations come from everything I see around me. Even though we cater to all age groups, our majority of clients are young adults who are leaning towards simple and stylish pieces.

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Do you only do custom orders, or do you have in-stock premade outfits available as well?
We have in-stock items for each of our designs which we keep for clients who like to purchase an outfit for a last-minute event.  We are currently doing a lot of custom orders at the request of clients.

How long does it take to get a lengha made? What is the lead time on most of the custom designs?
Most of our designs are created and delivered to clients within a 2-3 week time frame from when the order is confirmed.

Do you have any suggestions or advice for our readers that have never made a custom design – and require some assistance with creativity?
We receive messages and emails from clients who have never had a custom order made as well as those who have had bad experiences with custom orders. I assure my clients not to worry and that it’s understandable to have fear that a lot of things could go wrong like measurements, material selection, or even final fittings. We believe we have come up with the right process to avoid these issues. We have four rounds of measurement checks within our experienced team to ensure that the measurements are accurate. (We always double-check with our clients to ensure everything is right.) Another piece of advice is communication. Clients should not hesitate to ask questions from their vendor if they are unsure about anything pertaining to the order. Open communication is the key for gaining confidence and for a successful completion of an order.


Do you have a studio or are you home-based? Where are the majority of your clients from? Have you had clients from overseas design and purchase with you?
We are currently home based with our business being based online. However, we are in the process of opening a studio in the near future in Toronto, Canada. Our clients are worldwide with a majority of them being from Canada, USA, and Europe.

Who are some of your inspirations fashion wise in the Bollywood and Hollywood industry?
For Bollywood, definitely hands down Sabyasachi! He has been my favourite for a while and I am always in an “awe” every time I see his creations. I also like Manish Malhotra for his classic designs. For Hollywood, I follow a lot of fashion designers, but my all time personal favourite (and she is not a designer) is Audrey Hepburn. I love her clean and classic style.

If you could collaborate with any designer – who would it be?
We have collaborated with a lot of make up artists and bloggers, but so far we haven’t looked at collaborating with a designer. Recently, I have come across Loukiya and would love to do a collaboration with Nivetha.

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What is Saankri Label most known for? Lenghas, suits, etc? Do you provide outfits for bridesmaids? Is there a signature SL piece?
We started of initially doing custom saree blouses but as we have expanded, we are now known for our lengha – for their flare and style. We are currently creating custom sarees, blouse pieces, lenghas, kurtis, one piece gowns, and also creations for Little Saankris. We have definitely made outfits for bridesmaids parties and we are currently working with a lot of brides to create a custom designs. Our signature piece definitely has to be the Navy Pot Blue Lengha Set.

Where is the material for most of your designs purchased from?
The materials are procured from all over India. Each state in India is known for a specific material, fabric, and work – and we procure our materials from different states depending on what they are known for locally.

What has been the most challenging part about running a business? What has been the most enjoyable detail of this business?
The most challenging part about running a business has to be managing teams overseas, and the most enjoyable part is to see clients happy faces when they receive our pieces. It makes it all worth it!

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Can we expect Saanri Label to have pop up shops in the near future or trunk shows?
Absolutely, we have already been invited to a few shows in the United States, but we are currently concentrating on growing here in Canada. However, we will be participating in shows – especially locally here in Ontario, Canada.

Which one of the three jewellery items completes a lengha?
Bangles, Necklace, Earrings 
(you can only choose one).
Statement earrings, love them!

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Is there a reoccurring trend or request that you are receiving from your clients? Would you be able to elaborate on this?
Yes, the brocade sets and pot designs have been very famous with us. We restocked them three times and are still sold out. However, a couple of colours have been very popular with us regardless of the style and design. These colours are navy blue and maroon. Most clients find them very appealing and versatile colours to be worn for any occasion.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the Saanrki Label vision. Tie • The • Thali would like to thank Kiran for taking the time to do an interview with us.

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