Pavan & Kiran

Meet Pavan & Kiran; the couple who were persistent enough to fall in love with each other. It only took less than two years to know that they were made for each other. See the full feature below.

Well,  marriages are made in heaven, that’s what people say but mine was a match made in a place which I never even dreamt of going which happened to be my workplace. After being placed in campus, I travelled all the way from Bengaluru to a village called Chittapur (which I heard for the first time) mostly just to meet the love of my life Mr. Pavan. Well, the minute I saw him I fell for him. I had to jog and go on a bike ride every day to make him fall for me. Then finally, he did fall one fine day (not literally). Thus our journey started beyond all the bosses of the company who did not want to see us together (conflict of interest). After almost a year and a half of  the relationship, we wanted to get married. Then, it as about convincing the family, well I did my part as well! The best part of our marriage is that my parents still don’t know that it’s a love marriage (unless they read this blog). We actually had to wait for another year for my elder sister to get married and then came our big day! My Prince Charming! My Chandler (Friends reference) finally “Tied The Thali “ on Aug 27th, 2017. My happily ever after, match made in Chittapur!





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Photographer: Arjun Meherwade Photography

Tie The Thali would like to thank this lovely couple for sharing their big day with us and our readers. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life!

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