Wedding Garlands – Maalais!

“Mallighaiyae Mallighaiyae Maalaiyidum Mannavan Yaar Sollu Sollu”

South Asian weddings are nothing without flowers, specifically, the flowers that make up a maalai. The flowers represent elegance, happiness, and a sense of adventure (new things to come) – all tied together on a string signifying the marital union.

At Hindu weddings, you’ll see the groom walk into the wedding ceremony where the brides parents adorn him with a maalai.  The bride also enters with  a maalai to adorn the groom during her second entrance. The bride and groom also exchange maalais three times during their Hindu wedding ceremony – and this maalai matral (exchange of garlands) is a sign of union.

With the evolution of weddings, vendors, and creativity – we’ve noticed that there are many styles of garlands out there, and that one will certainly speak to you. The variety of florals used to create garlands are truly amazing – you can essentially incorporate your favourite flowers in a maalai.

After numerous hours of research, and glancing at weddings albums from all around the world, Tie The Thali has come up with a compilation of unique wedding maalais.

If you’re planning your wedding, or looking for maalai ideas for your next event, look no further then our list below!


Gallery of Garlands/Maalais


©Cathy and David Photographers (

These coordinated maalais in pink and white pair perfectly with the reds and gold tones of the couples’ outfits.

Lajarana Aravinth Photography (

Red striped maalai with hints of bright colours and tassel details provide a traditional look to Hindu weddings. 

Arthy and Preshnev Wedding 0815
Divine Method (

Maalais made with whole red roses and white carnations, as opposed to just the petals give a new spin on the classic maalais. The colours of the maalai match perfectly with their outfits too!

Hazelwood Photo (

This couple went for a neutral, white petal floral choice to let their outfits shine.

Binita Patel Photography (

Contrast maalais are perfect when you don’t want the piece to blend in with your outfit.

Impressions by Annuj (

 The use of greenery in this maalai along with whole flowers gives an additional pop of colour.

House of Talent Studio (

Whole red and white roses in different sizes used for these garlands.

Braja Mandala Photography (

With traditional attire known to be heavy, this couple has the right idea with their light weight multi-coloured maalai.

20170415_Ram Nikhitha_Wedding_A003_201
Studio A Photography (

When your wedding involves multiple maalais, it can be tricky on how to pair them. We love how this couple added a pop of colour with the yellow contrast maalai.

20161201_Cibi Abirami_Wedding_A005_235
Studio A Photography (

 Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes and sizes. Take this couple with their two unique maalais: one maalai is made purely of petals, while the other is a unique mix of bulbs and button roses.

20161120_Siddhu Bhargavi_Wedding_A001_368
Studio A Photography (

The various shades of gold and pink colours in pair with the bride and grooms’ outfits subtly.

Studio A Photography (

Go all out with bold, multi dimensional maalais like these to balance out a simpler, less embroidered outfits.

20160120-Suraj Gayatri_A005-743
Studio A Photography (

This bride and groom opted for a slimmer maalai to keep the weight down. Baby’s Breath  paired with greenery for a fresh look while the pink adds the perfect pop of colour.

Pooja Joseph Photography (

Tropical flowers in the bright fuscia pair so nicely with her teal saree.

Storytellers & Co (

Whole white roses with bits of greenery give these maalais purity.

Midnight Chai Studios (

Single colour petal maalais truly let the outfits and the individuals themselves shine.

Studio Nine Photography (

The different types of flowers and variety of colours used in these unique maalais will work well with any outfit. How stunning!

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Studio Uma (

Garlands made with whole red roses can never go wrong.

EM Photography (

The single style garlands are perfectly hued to match the outfits. 

Bala & Uma-16
Mohandas Shyree Photography (

Garlands made with various shades of pink soften the overall look.

Gopi + Visha-18
Mohandas Shyree Photography (

Bright yellow solid floral maalais with a hint of red and green for contrast.

Mohandas Shyree Photography (
Raja Thivya Wedding-39
Mohandas Shyree Photography (

These garlands in the two images above have become a staple design in today’s weddings. Whether you choose classic colours like the couple on the left or customize your colours like the couple on your right, you can be assured your garlands will be very trendy. 

Richard & Mehala-101
Mohandas Shyree Photography (

The variety and colours give these maalais a unique multi dimensional look. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you get your ideal maalais.

Photon Image (

Loving the embelished cage blocked maalais paired with the classics. 


Tie • The • Thali would like to acknowledge all of the photographers and their images used in this post. Their beautifully captured shots helped us give you visuals for inspiration. We also hope you came across a maalai/garland that you haven’t seen before while reading this post.

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