Vivaham Bridal Shoot

Today’s shoot feature is ‘’Vivaham’’- meaning Thirumanam (Tamil) or Wedding (English). This shoot was put together by an extraordinary team and due to the collaboration of numerous vendors, the results have been extraordinary!

This shoot was the brainchild of Sudhi of Vrddhiuk who worked cloesly along Thushi from Thushi Hair and Makeup to come up with the concept after they both agreed that they needed to do something very different. It took 6 months of planning to ensure a flawless experience and after finalizing Soozana and Jeyash as the photographers, the shoot was well on its way to becoming a success. It was agreed that the shoot would highlight a traditional bridal look, and Sudhi decided to use numerous models to showcase a variety and different takes on the traditional bridal look. Soozana came up with the Red Pattu Saree theme – creating a monotone colour impression. Red is an important colour in South Asian weddings, specifically Hindu weddings as it is not only an auspicious colour, but for its symbolism of love and fertility.

The aim of this shoot was to showcase a complete traditional Bridal Koorai look. We wanted to embody a practical bridal look that let the brides natural beauty shine. The sarees, accessories, makeup, and hair styles were all carefully chosen with this in mind.

Overall, it was a fun filled day that everyone enjoyed and the response to the shoot has been astounding with the behind the scenes clips hitting over 30k views and the pictures reaching even more insights and impressions which speaks volumes for the talents of Soozana and Jeyash. (Those two were amazing to work with!) The hard work put in by this incredible team is surely visible in the following images as you can see the planning, and quality of time spent organizing this shoot.

Written by Flora Stanislaus – (Flo4u)
Edited by Tie The Thali

Bridal Shoot

IMG_2745Vrddhi Shoot-193Vrddhi Shoot-172Vrddhi Shoot-177Vrddhi Shoot-151Vrddhi Shoot-152Vrddhi Shoot-157Vrddhi Shoot-61Vrddhi Shoot-75Vrddhi Shoot-82Vrddhi Shoot-44Vrddhi Shoot-54Vrddhi Shoot-40Vrddhi Shoot-25Vrddhi Shoot-26Vrddhi Shoot-23Vrddhi Shoot-15Vrddhi Shoot-4Vrddhi Shoot-5Vrddhi Shoot-112Vrddhi Shoot-131Vrddhi Shoot-118Vrddhi Shoot-99Vrddhi Shoot-108Vrddhi Shoot-103Vrddhi Shoot-194

Tie The Thali In Collaboration With:

Jewellery: Vrddiuk
Photography: Soozana Pvan Photography & Jeyash Luxmanan Photography
Marketing Partner: Adam Eve & Apple
Makeup & Hair: Thushi Makeup and Hair & Thiva MUA
Assistant Makeup & Hair: Beauty by Jenu  & Ranjan Bala
Sarees: VA Collections
Event Oraniser & Props: Mika Events
Models: Thiva, Rahe, Tukhida, Thivja, Sai, Sivii, Sonia & Holly

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