Shangita & Dinesh

Even though his parents were pestering him to find a bride, Dinesh didn’t want just any girl! He wanted *’the one’*. Someone who will make his heart flutter with butterflies.
Dinesh’s sister, through her circle of friends, suggested Shangita’s name along with her Facebook profile. Something clicked on his head so he sent Shangita a ‘friend request.’ Shangita is always cautious about accepting strangers’ request but then she accidentally clicked the ‘accept’ button and out of curiosity she glanced through his profile. Something about Dinesh impressed her so she decided it was ok to accept his friendship. And they continue to message each other.
Then Dinesh made the first move by asking her out one day. Shangita was reluctant at first but then decided to meet him. When Dinesh saw Shangita in person for the first time, he really felt his heart flutter with butterflies. He knew, then and there, that she is “the one” for him. Only then he told his family about his decision. They were ecstatic and encouraged him to continue approaching Shangita.
So, more messages, calls and dates followed to which they became better acquainted. He discovered her to be a bubbly fun loving girl and she found him to be a caring and patient guy. During one of those dates, Dinesh expressed his feelings for her. But Shangita wouldn’t reply immediately  however, she introduced him to her childhood friends right after. Dinesh was to learn later that it was a subtle way of saying ‘yes’ to him.
Being an adventurous guy himself, he wanted to make his proposal a very memorable moment.  And it happened on Shangita’s birthday. He seeked the help of her childhood friends to meet up at one of her favourite restaurant. So while she thought her dearest friends along with Dinesh were there to celebrate her birthday, he surprised her by going down on his knees with his proposal. For a moment she was awe-struck. He would never forget her captivating smile while accepting his hand in marriage.
After that they were introduced to each other’s families. Their families were only too happy that Dinesh and Shangita have found each other and gave their blessings to them.

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Photography: AndrewKoe Studio
Decor: VP Production Deco

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