Kaya Rajan

With there being so many fashion designers and everyone wanting to stand out during their wedding events, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down on who to buy an outfit from. Today’s interview features a predominant designer in the UK fashion world with worldwide recognition. Known for everything from her regal wedding lehenghas to her trendy sarees, we bring you our interview with Kaya Rajan. Read more to find out more about how she got started and her tips on selecting your wedding outfits!



Do you have a background or training in fashion design or are you self taught? Do you assemble the pieces yourself (sew/stitch them yourself) or are you partnered with others?

I grew up seeing my mother and Aunt swing resses, embroidering, smocking etc. My father had Kanchipuram Silk saree shop in tdhe 80’s in UK so I guess you can say I am a mix of   having a background, self-taught, and still learning. I design all my pieces, I don’t sew/stich them I have a team in India who does according to my specification and requirements.


Tell us a little bit about Kaya outside of you company. What are you interests? What do you do to unwind from a long work day?

I am procurement Specialist – Supply Chain Management is my full time job.  I’m a good organiser so I enjoy organising parties and I love cooking.


What was the first piece you ever created? Who was it for? 

The first piece I created was for RMKV I designed a Kanchipuram silk saree


How do you keep up with current trends? What generation of clients are your products most appealing to?

I don’t follow trend! I like to create the trends instead. My clients are usually wedding Guests and Brides so I love to follow tradition & cultures with a twist – this way I can always be different from what others offer.


Do you only design women’s wear or do you menswear as well? Tell us the differences and challenges you face between designing the two.

I haven’t designed much menswear but  the challenges with menswear aren’t any different then creating womens clothing. Men are as detailed and fashionable as women these days. 


Do you only do custom orders, or do you have in-stock pre made outfits available as well? Do you have a studio, store, or are you based online?

You can purchase my pieces at my Popup shops and exhibition,  book an appointment to view the stock in person, or purchase online at www.kayarajan.com


How long does it take to get an outfit made? What is the lead time on most of the custom designs?

Depending on the outfit and the complexity minimum 3 weeks for a blouse


Do you have any suggestions or advice for our readers that have never made a custom design – and require some assistance with creativity?

My advice for Clients who have never custom made their Outfits is to have  clear communication with the designer in respect to the design, colour, fabric and delivery date . The designer will usually take care of the creative side!


Where are the majority of your clients from? Have you created designs for clients overseas?

UK & Canada


Do you offer shipping outside of the UK for your in stock items?

Yes, shipping is available worldwide. 


Who are some of your inspirations fashion wise in the Bollywood and Hollywood industry?

I do love many designers particularly in India. I love Archana Rao and Anita Dongre ; their designs are simple, elegant and top notch. The creation and techniques they use is amazing I admire their work. I do get inspired with their work, however I’m mindful that I should not knowingly or unknowingly copy their work in the name of inspiration.


Where is the material for most of your designs purchased from? Do clients come to you with their material, or do you source material yourself? Are they able to come to you with their material?

Provide Fabric, design & making – I provide the complete service. I source fabric from different places . I don’t provide tailor services, I only accept fabrics if clients wants me to design the saree blouse . Otherwise I don’t sell fabric or accept fabric to make regular blouse.

What has been the most challenging part about running a business? What has been the most enjoyable detail of this business?

Working Full time , running a family and running Business is very challenging but I have my husband support and I personally enjoy the stress this Business gives me .I enjoy making clothes and shopping !


Which one of the three jewellery items completes an outfit? Bangles, Necklace, Earrings (you can only choose one)



Do you provide blouses as well? Are they designed by you? What can be a signature blouse piece that would make clients know that it was designed by Kaya Rajan?

I design blouses as well. I design the blouse according to the saree the clients provide. I do not have a signature design as I make attire to specification and inspiration


What is the most popular style of  blouse request that you receive?

Wedding Blouse !


Is there a reoccurring trend or request that you are receiving from your clients? Would you be be able to elaborate on this?

Fashion /Trend is reoccurrence, clients normally see an image online and send me pic asking me to replicate the same design and  I am hesitant to do that as it is plagiarism. What I do instead is take inspiration and recreate according to the clients specification.


What is one colour that you find most clients gravitating towards?

Blue!!!!! It’s always blue!!!!!!!!!


What are ways to save costs for clients who want a custom made outfit? What would you recommend?

Buying Outfit off the shelf can be cheaper and expensive, when we custom make the outfit, we can plan the outfit based on the budget  give the bride a value for money outfit in other words pocket friendly.


What is current trend that is huge among brides? Do you see this trend lasting or do you think it is a fad that will fizzle out very soon?

I love developing concept, and I believe as designer you can create trends.


What is Kaya Rajan mostly known for? (lenghas, bridal sarees, etc)

I think I’m known for Bridal lenghas


What is one of the most challenging things when working with clients? What is one of the most rewarding things when working with clients?

Challenging for me is the end Product and fitting as agreed! Rewarding is Big Smile on the Bride after the trial!


Make sure to check out Kaya Rajan’s website, Facebook and Instagram to keep you updated on pop up shops and all of Kaya’s new collections! We hope you enjoyed reading about Kaya as we did writing about this lovely designer and her collection!

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