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There was a time when setting up balloons and streamers were considered to be the only decorations of an event. If you were lucky enough to have helium balloons, you can call that a win. At most weddings, engagements, receptions, or any event you will host, decor plays a huge role in the environment you set for you and your guests. Whether it be a theme, a particular colour, or even a religious aspect, choosing the right decor company can go a long way. It takes the stress of you trying to layout your event with all of the physical labour and trying to source unique pieces. With the evolving times and services vendors provide, decor should be one less thing to worry about.

When we came across Wed In Style, let’s just say impressed was an understatement. Their extensive collection includes decor, stages, mandaps and many unique pieces – you name it, they have it all. We had the pleasure of getting to know the team and the chance to do an interview where we asked the questions you are dying to know the answers to. To know more about Wed In Style, keep reading below!

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Who is Wed In Style? Where are you located? When did you first start your business/come to the wedding industry?

The inspiration began 18 years ago when founding directors Nisha and Anil were planning their own wedding.  Nisha was a particular bride and her wedding was an occasion that she was going to make sure was perfect, and that included having the perfect Mandap. Now, cue a Fiancée who wanted to keep his bride happy. Realizing she was not going to settle for any of the mandaps she had been shown, he declared he will build and design her the mandap. After a fair deal of clattering and banging, Anil emerged with victory on his hands – he had made the perfect Mandap, which Nisha saw for the first time on her wedding day. Now this might sound like a story of devotion from a husband to his wife, but it was this passion to create, design, and push the boundaries of truly giving brides what they want that sparked a desire for Anil to pursue this as a business. Wed In Style has four branches across the UK in Perivale, Rayners Lane, Gants Hill & Leicester

What are all of the services that Wed In Style provides?

We hold the largest Mandap portfolio in the UK and specialize in all event décor including production lighting, chair hire, florals, and stages. Having been in the industry for many years, we can also help clients with full event management.


How many people are behind Wed In Style? What function do each of these people serve in this business?

Our consultants across our UK branches are all experts in the industry who will take you through all your requirements and customize a package based on your needs and budget. We then have our very hard working warehouse team who maintain the decor along with our passionate event crew who plan the execution of events.

Do you mostly do weddings? What other events do you provide your services for?

We can take care of any event that requires décor. As well as weddings, we also do many corporate events, receptions, engagements, and pre-wedding functions

We noticed you have beautiful wedding stages and mandaps. Are these items hand designed or purchased from a wholesaler? Tell us more about your inventory for events and where you go to meet your clients needs.

Many of our products are custom designed by our in house team and then made in India. Some designs are handpicked for clients who are looking for a complete bespoke design. We have a very creative and artistic team here who can help bring these ideas to life.

We have a showroom in Perivale which allows couples to see for themselves what Wed In Style can provide. We regularly display our exclusive mandaps, mehndi décor, and stages which allows our clients to walk through and visualize their big day first hand.


How far in advance would a couple need to book you to have you for their big day? 

We recommend booking your date with us as soon as the venue and date is confirmed. The majority of our client’s book 1-2 years in advance. This ensures the date is secure and the services required are reserved for them.

How long does it take to set up a typical Hindu wedding hall, including the stage?

A typical Indian wedding requires three hours to set-up the mandap and stage. However this very much depends on the venue and their off-loading access etc.


What advice do you have for future couples looking to hire you? What should they have in mind before choosing a decor vendor?

It is important to book a supplier you trust. Someone who gives you the time you deserve when planning such a special event, and someone who is available to help you all the way.

What are some recent trends couples are requesting as part of their decor for their wedding? What about reception?

Walkways! That journey from when a Bride is taking the first steps towards her husband to be with her maternal family is a very special moment. Exclusive walkways are becoming more and more popular with Brides wanting their guests to share their breath-taking journey. Glass walkways filled with floating petals are really trending now.  These are custom built walkways giving the illusion of walking over water.


Are you able to provide services for all types of budgets that couples have?

Yes of course. We will always do our best to accommodate all budgets and advise clients accordingly on what will work best without compromising the overall look.

When people say Wed In Style – what is one feature or classic thing you are known for.

Our extensive range of mandaps and our creativity in coming up with new concepts and designs.


Are you based in the UK only? Have you travelled overseas for clients? Do you think travelling overseas as a decor vendor is difficult?

We are based in the UK with our showroom in London. However, we do travel overseas and have done many destination weddings. It is not difficult when travelling abroad, but yes it does require a lot more extensive planning.

Do you usually pick up your decor and stages the next day from an event – or the same night?

In most cases our team dismantles a set up the same day. However, some venues do have restrictions in place which require our team to dismantle and collect the next day. We are very flexible and work with the client and requirements of venues.


Take us back to a time where something went wrong in your booking for your client. How did you overcome this situation? What did you learn from this?

Our team once arrived to a venue to find they had less staging than previously stated. The team then quickly drove back to our warehouse to get some more staging blocks and completed the set-up in the time frame allocated. From this we learned to always liaise with unknown venues directly to confirm what they are providing.

What are the top three must have decor pieces for a wedding? What about a reception?

For a wedding it would be to have a stunning stage or mandap which is the focal point. A nice welcome table dressed with a Ganesh, guestbook, and Chiavari or dressed chairs would also be great to have. 

Three key elements to bring the whole room together for a reception are: headtable, centerpieces, and intelligent lighting.


What is a way to be cost effective when planning decor?

One way is opting for artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers to save on costs.

Tell us something many people wouldn’t know about Wed In Style. Could be a service you offer, fun fact etc.

My colleague once organized an event for a well-known international RnB Artist. Only to admit later she had no idea who he was!


Tell us a simple DIY (do it yourself) project that can be used for decor.

A guestbook table is a necessary part of any wedding décor, and it is usually one of the details your guests will see first. It is important to make this spot easy to find, while blending seamlessly into your overall wedding space. Add a lot of candles in different sizes and vintage frames with a sign asking guests to leave the couple a message. Attention to detail is key and our consultants can help with suggestions and ideas.

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If you are getting married in the Europe region, make sure to check out Wed In Style for your decor needs. With their extensive experience and vast inventory, rest assured that you will be able to find what you are looking for!

Tie • The • Thali would like to thank Wed In Style for taking time out of their busy wedding season to collaborate with us on this Article. 


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