Wedding Highlights of Lav and Babu

Today’s feature is of a wedding that has been 12 years in the making. This story is all about how sometimes you have to leave it to serendipity and let the pieces fall where they may. Keep reading to find out more about Lavanya and Babu, our lovely couple from Singapore, their story and the wedding that brought their families together!

B + L 946

About the Couple/Love Story

We met each other way back in 2005 when we were just a pair of 17 year-olds. This October would be the 12th year of our relationship. We met through his cousin with whom I had gone on a Youth Expedition Project. Throughout our month together in Calcutta, she was telling me about him and all his good attributes. Honestly, I think she was secretly hoping that we would get together.

I must admit I was initially intimidated by him. But his kind, caring heart and generous personality eventually got me interested.

We are both from Singapore – a tiny island. However, despite its small size, I know that I would have never gotten to meet such a gem of a person if not for his cousin. Our circles of friends were stark contrasts. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had I not gone for the overseas project in 2004.  

I am a teacher and he is currently pursuing his degree in Naval architecture in the UK. He goes back for his final year this September. I intend to pursue my postgrad studies in the UK sometime next year. Many people have been asking me how I am going to handle the long distance relationship after marriage and if it is going to be tough. I have come to terms with the fact that we will not be together for our Thalai Deepavali and for many other important occasions. However, the interesting thing is that we got engaged in 2014 right before his course commenced, solemnized our marriage in 2015 and eventually got married in 2017. Moreover, we have been rocking this long-distance thingy for more than 4 years. Our situation is pretty unique and it is just another excuse for me to frequently fly to the UK to visit him.

We had our traditional wedding on the 4th of June 2017 at the Perumal Temple (PGP hall) and the evening reception the same day at OneFarrer Hotel. It was absolutely exhausting having 2 major events the same day especially when we were surviving on a few hours of sleep but we had a blast. Being a man blessed with flawless skin, Babu, did not even need concealer to look fresh but my eyes gave it away. We couldn’t even rest for half an hour as the Bentley (our wedding car) that we hired refused to go above 30km/h due to a faulty gear box. We were inching our way along the congested Orchard Road. What would have been a 15 min car ride turned into an hour long laugh fest. We could do nothing else but laugh as the other cars zoomed past with their drivers staring daggers at us. However, some did congratulate us. LOL! The moment we reached our suite, it was a mad rush to get ready for the reception. Thank god for my MUA! I managed to look presentable! She worked on my face while I caught a 15 min nap.

My MUA is the super talented Mahes ( I wanted to look like myself on the big day and she worked with my features and made me feel confident and happy. Most importantly, she listened to my concerns.

Wedding Highlights

B + L 31B + L 37B + L 67B + L 68B + L 212B + L 215B + L 236B + L 285B + L 292B + L 295B + L 338B + L 349B + L 355B + L 359B + L 391B + L 404B + L 409B + L 427B + L 441B + L 446B + L 462B + L 468B + L 572B + L 574B + L 599B + L 638B + L 692B + L 709B + L 735B + L 768B + L 770B + L 800B + L 818B + L 863B + L 880B + L 897B + L 900B + L 904B + L 907B + L 912B + L 920B + L 921B + L 941B + L 947B + L 966B + L 1103B + L 1125B + L 1131B+L 337

Next Day Edit

Anand & Lavanya – Same Day Edit from Light house Films on Vimeo.

Featured Vendors

Photographer: Subra Govinda
MUAH: The Indian Bride
Decor: Silverstar Décor
Wardrobe:  D.Sign.D by Jeevitha PerumalPalam Silks ChennaiMana Design Studio,                                             Tulsi Silks


Tie • The • Thali thanks Lavanya & Babu for sharing their day with us and would like to wish this lovely couple nothing but the best for their married life.

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