Sharmilaa K Designs – 2017 Classic Collections

Today, we bring you the highlights of the launch of Sharmilaa K Designs (2017 Classic Collections. This talented beauty from Ontario, Canada works hard on every piece she creates – and brings a stunning and modern look for every female. When we often have a hard time choosing with what stores can provide, we now have the option of custom ordering from talented people around the world. This is how people like Sharmilaa make your vision come to life, or can make her vision come to life for you! We can’t wait to see more of Sharmilaa’s collection in the near future.





Tie The Thali In Collaboration With:

Florist: Blue Blossoms
Decor and Creative Director: Art of Cakes 

Models: Rebecca, Jen Antony, Dinuska, Divita, Kriti, J Emmanuel, Shana

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