Sanjutha & Roban

Meeting online is not out of the ordinary in this modern and tech savy world. Essentially, fate leads you to meet your significant other somewhere – and why not it be online? Scroll below to read more on Sanjutha and Roban.

How They Met

We actually met online ( – my brother was the one who set up my account without telling me as I was super hesitant to try online dating; and Roban messaged me with no one liners just a “hello”. He started to tell me about himself and I kind of just ignored it. Then he messaged again and told how much he loved travelling and that really captured my attention, and I liked how persistent he was. We started talking and the rest is history – but to family and friends we just said we met at a networking event and got to know each other through social media since my family is extremely traditional.

About Sanjutha & Rohan

My husband was born  in Montreal and came to Toronto when he was 2 years old. Fun fact: he is an identical twin! I was born in Sri Lanka and came to Canada when I was 3, so we are as Canadian as can be and super patriotic at that! My husband is a civil engineer and works for Metrolilnx and I am in finance – I do project valuations and projections for a corporate real estate firm so we are both in the construction industry but on very different sides he is construction and building and I am all about the numbers and trends.

Wedding Details!

We got married on September 3rd 2017 at the Richmond Hill temple. We wanted to keep the wedding portion small and had a somewhat grand reception at the Grand Victorian Convention Centre in Mississauga on Sept 7th.

We are avid travellers! Any chance we get to see the world we take it and it is pretty high on our priority list in general.  Roban came at a time for me when I was pretty much at an all time low in terms of having that faith in relationships and I was not about to settle just for the sake of getting married as I wanted to find someone that I can just be completely myself with and not have to worry about whether they will take me as I am.  Roban just blew me away with how grounded and patient and kind he was and I am so glad I decided to reply to his message.


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