Renu and Vinoth

“It’s about time!” was a common phrase that we heard during our wedding. My wife Renu and I met 10 years ago. I knew I had an affinity towards her from day 1. However when I was ready to be in a relationship she wasn’t, and when she was ready to settle down I wasn’t where I wanted to be. Our relationship may have moved at the pace of a snail, and our family and friends may have known we were going to be with one another long before it actually happened- But this time lapse is what enabled us to develop the foundation of our relationship. 7 years into being friends I finally mustered up the courage to ask her out. 1 year into dating I proposed and on September 2nd, 2017 I finally married the love of my life!

Renu had a very specific vision for our wedding. She wanted everything to be unique, soft colours, bold outfits, customized personal touches etc. She worked very hard to tie everything together. Most of the time I would tell her “I can’t picture what you are saying” and her response would always be “Trust me, you’ll be very pleased the day of.” Thanks to our dedicated family members and bridal party, her vision was brought to life. Our smiles captured in every photo portrayed how happy we were with everything and with each other.





Featured Vendors:

Bride’s Outfits Wedding: Aalayaa
Groom’s Outfit Wedding: Chandan Fashion
Photography: 5th Element Photography
Video: Pearl Motion Cinematography
Bride’s Reception Outfit: Mischief Boutique


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