Regal Brides of India – Vastra Shoot

Vastra’s shoots featuring wedding brigade collection, featuring blouses, designer wear and contemporary wear for the bride, groom and the bridesmaids and groomsmen were a hit. The designs that you witness in these shoots were the timeless composition and can never be seen on any other canvas. The blouses are specially made with precision and are as unique as they deem to be. The models gracefully posing for every frame, these shoot oozes of bridal and grooms wear brilliance.

The other shoot of Vastra, amidst the pandemic named “The Regal Brides of 2020”. Considering all the safety measures and social distancing in mind, this shoot was shot within a day’s time. 6 different looks, 6 different bridal fashion, 6 different cultures with a single model and a single team that reeks of passion and commitment. This shoot features the authenticity and beauty of every culture and also emphasizing the fact that Vastra caters to all cultures and bridal fashion. Be it any theme, or anything cultural scenario, Vastra aims at giving you nothing short of enchantment!    



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Featured Vendors

Wardrobe: @vastra_deepa
Bridal Jewellery: @new_ideas_fashions

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