Rakesh and Indra

Almost 10 years of dating, and they Tied The Thali. Meet Rakesh and Indra from Singapore as we get to share their big day. I mean, it’s not everyday that you first meet your soulmate at preschool. You can already sense the cute vibes from this couple from knowing that one fact. Scroll below to see the full feature.

I first met Rakesh during our Preschool days. We were from the same preschool and we even performed together for our school’s graduation concert. We went to the same primary school, but we never spoke to one another! We went to different secondary schools, but met again through our mutual friends. We became friends and shortly after that, we started dating each other back in 2008.

Since young, we were very goal-driven as we wanted to be successful individuals before getting married. We were together for nine years before we decided to tie the know last November. It took us a lot of courage and sacrifice as we spent most of our time working than spending time with one another. We had our fair share of arguments and fights as we were away from one another most of the times. However, it was these difficult times that taught us what life and love was all about.

We are both from Singapore. I work as a Preschool Principal and my husband works in the Marine Industry. 

We got hitched last November in 2017. The wedding planning was definitely a crazy journey and it was probably the time we really hated each other.It was indeed one of the hardest time for us as I was completing my degree and finishing my final exams, while he was transiting into his new career.We had our Solemnization at ‘Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre’ and our traditional wedding at ‘Sri Vairavamada Kaliamman Temple’ with just our immediate family members and close friends. I had always visualized our wedding to be an intimate event with our close friends and families. Our best friends took great initiative in helping us for both our events. From choreographing the wedding dance to running all our last minute errands, our best friends made sure that everything was perfect for us ! We were indeed blessed to have such genuine people around us !
I would like to thank ‘Tie The Thali’ for featuring us. I was quite astonished upon receiving the message from ‘Tie The Thali’. Nevertheless, thank you once again for the feature. We are extremely blessed and glad for the opportunity.

Wedding Highlights

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Featured Vendors:

Photography: Shots by Sara
Videography: Esther Tay Pictures
Bridal MUAH (Solemnization): Beauty Touch By Mila
Bridal MUAH (Traditional) : Looks Studio

Tie The Thali would like to thank this lovely couple for sharing their big day with us and our readers. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life!

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