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We’ve got a unique feature for you today of Chris and Santhya’s story. Read below the narration of who Chris and Santhya are, and how they met.

I was born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Ottawa for nearly a decade and came back to Toronto to finish high school and post -secondary. Graduated in Hospitality Management and Event Management. Currently working in Guest Services at Delta Hotels by Marriott.

I’m originally from Switzerland and moved to the UK at the age of 13. After completing my law degree, I am now a Litigation Executive at a law firm, DAS Law.


In the summer of 2009, Santhya flew into Toronto to attend her aunt’s wedding, and on the day of her arrival it was her 18th birthday. So her aunt arranged a surprise birthday party for her, to which I was invited with my family as we were family friends with her aunt.

I arrived to her aunt’s house, just in time for the cake cutting, and when I saw her it was strange as if it were almost like she was a crush at first sight. I tried to speak to her but at that age i was very nervous and also it’s wasn’t always the right place or time when parents are always around so it was always a hi and bye sort of conversation.

In that same week we got invited to multiple functions, and on one occasion she decided to pull a prank on me with her cousin. At that age it very much felt like it was fun and games so I assumed she wasn’t interested, but i believe that it was the first icebreaker leading to great conversations.

Sadly the 10 days passed by and I didn’t really know what kind of relationship we had so I let the situation handle itself.

I travelled to the UK the same summer with parents, and casually visited Santhya . We exchanged contact information. We spoke for about a couple of months and realized we were young and since we were not able to see each other and neither of us at that point knew what our future was like, no access to money or thoughts on education, we let it fade away as if it was just a young crush.

We lost contact. Years passed by and I would fly out to Europe year after year but never bumped into her. She wasn’t really around and i had no contact information, neither was she on social media at the time.

I attended a cousin’s function early 2016 and met all of Santhya’s cousins and her parents. I have to say I was trying my best to impress and I asked her parents about Santhya and how she was etc.

I might have planted seeds and made her parents question my curiosity. Her mom invited me for lunch but unfortunately i was flying out the same day so missed out.

I never got the hang of social media and I was always on and off it. Last year, a few of my friends encouraged me to open Instagram and Facebook and explore the online world and so I did slowly.

It was at that point my parents mentioned Chris to me after meeting him at an event. I was surprised and curious to see how he was and what he was up to. Our conversations started off but the gap of 7 years felt like nothing and it felt as if we picked up where it was left off. To be honest the more I spoke to Chris the more I realised how much we had in common and how similar our personalities are and our conversations were endless.

Chris mentioned that he was flying out for his cousin’s engagement ceremony in mid-2016 and he knew that I was invited and so I think in our heads we both thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let our parents know.

It all went exactly how we wanted to and Chris told his mom about me and she had told his uncle who pretty much did us a favour and brought both of our parents together and announced it to everyone at the function. How embarrassing! (We were both sweating buckets!)

Everyone was happy for us.

We began flying out for each other multiple times from uk to canada and vise versa.

It came to a point where although our parents had discussed possible wedding plans, I hadn’t actually popped the question to her and to me it was important for me to do this as I wanted a special moment between us.

With the help of my friends, I planned to propose to her when she came to Canada again. Santhya came during the winter and unfortunately she had really underestimated the Canadian weather and so got sick.

We had already planned a photoshoot and so Santhya thought that’s what would be happening and it worked out for me as we would both be already dressed up. She wanted to postpone the photoshoot but I forced her to go as I couldn’t drop the surprise. (She was so mad at me!)

So halfway through the photoshoot I got on my knee and took out the ring and asked her to marry me.

I was so mad at him for making me do the photoshoot whilst I was sick and when I saw him on his knee with the box, I thought to myself this has to be a joke and I asked him: “are you kneeling for the photos is this a joke??”.  Everyone laughed!

Chris opened the box and said no this is real, and there was a ring and that’s when it hit me and I was completely embarrassed! (Of Course I said Yes!!)

We decided to have our wedding the following year. Some people date people for multiple years and still don’t know what they want to do and others know right away as to whom they want to be with. When you know you know, I knew for a fact I was committed and that’s who i wanted to be with.

Our relationship was long distance and despite the many negative things you may hear about long distance relationships, if you know that you’ve found the one then whether it be distance, time or trust, you will find a way to make it work and turn it into something beautiful. We decided to have our Hindu Brahmin Wedding in Toronto, Canada and got married late August.

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Chris & Santhya Wedding Highligh – NDE from CrystalFusion Photography on Vimeo.

Chris Concept Shoot from CrystalFusion Photography on Vimeo.


Featured Vendors:

Venue: Markham Convention Centre (Toronto)
Makeup and Hair: Nila Haran (
Photography: Tintalee Photography (
Videography: Thushanth Manohar and Crystal Fusion Photography (
Mannavarai and Madisar saress: VA Collections
Koorai Saree: Pothys (
Jewellery: Shop by Bees (London)  & Sai Trading (Toronto)
Venue: Diana Banqueting Hall (London)
Hair and makeup: Runa Mirza MUA (
Photography: SV Productions
Lehenga: RSM Silks (Toronto)
Cake: Eggless cake by Wedding Cakes Today

Tie • The • Thali would like to thank Chris and Santhya  for sharing this lovely wedding highlight and we wish the couple nothing but the best for their married life. 

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