Gomitha & Suresh – Engagement/Wedding

Today we bring you a glimpse into Gomitha & Suresh’s Eshoot & Wedding. This lovely duo wed in the summer of last year and their pictures were shot by Green Tea Photography and Treasured Photography. Without further ado, let’s get to their gorgeous eshoot and wedding!

Eshoot & Wedding Highlights

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Next Day Edits

Suresh & Gomi from S Films 416 826 0097 on Vimeo.

Suresh & Gomitha from Treasured Photography on Vimeo.


 Featured Vendors

Venue – Wedding: Canada Shri Muthu Kumari Amman Temple
Venue – Reception: Hilton Garden Inn, Vaughn
Engagement Photography: Green Tea Photography
Engagement Makeup: Firm.Foundation by Nisha Jeyathas
Wedding/Reception Videography: Shan DV Edits
Wedding/Reception Photography: Treasured Photography 
Wedding/ Reception Makeup and Hair: Nira Creations
Wedding Temple Décor: Shan Party Services
Reception Décor: Diya Décor
Sarees: RSM silks, Scarborough
Manavari Jewelry: Sai Trading Inc. 

We would like to thank Gomitha and Suresh for sharing their wedding experience and with  Tie • The • Thali! Congratulations on pulling off a beautiful wedding! We wish you a happy married life.

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