Yaahline & Rajith Hindu Wedding and Reception Highlights

Next time your friend introduces you to someone, pay close attention. They might just end up being the love of your life. This was the case with our lovely couple we are featuring today and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you all their wedding highlights. Keep reading to find out what happens when Two Hearts Become One. 

Their Story 

Rajith and I met in 2013 through a mutual friend. Later on we kept bumping into each other and eventually became good friends. He’s a very social man, and he showed me kindness and friendship. Even though we were complete opposites (I was frightened, he was so bold; I was reserved, and he was rowdy; he was rough and I was gentle), over time, I began to appreciate just how amazing Rajith was and began to cherish our endless conversations and time together. Sparks would fly and the rest as they say is history as we started loving each other. He came into my heart and will be there forever. We truly realized how important we are to each other and I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner.



“Our lovely wedding at Chateau Royal holding 1250 guests was a dream come true. Everything was beautiful from the gorgeous venue to the fireworks during our first dance. From beginning to end our wedding was a fairy tale brought to life!”

I have always dreamed of a big, fabulous, and a traditional wedding. We had a lively Hindu wedding in the morning with over 600 guests at Chateau Royal. The evening was followed by a fairy tale reception at the same venue with over 500 guests. The evening’s theme was more westernized, it was all purple and silver themed. The 5-layered cake design by JM cakes was glamorous with crystals hanging along with our initials as the topper. Vilajini Akka did my hair and makeup and made sure that I looked like a princess for both events. We chose Lotuz Photography for our pictures, which was perfect and Dream Mirror Productions for our videos, which was unique. Our E-shoot came out exactly the way we wanted. The evening began with a cocktail and unfolded with our first dance, Bollywood dance performance by friends and performance by exotic belly dancers. Following that our friends and families joined us on the dance floor for the night. The evening was filled with memories of enjoyment and laughter.


We would like to thank our family, friends and vendors who have devoted their time for making our wedding day so outstanding. I am very lucky to have married my best friend/soul mate—and a magical day that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Spending countless of hours searching for the perfect wedding planner, we had hired Prabha Anna from Island Garden Banquet services to make our wedding day so memorable. He literally took care of EVERYTHING, from our venue, catering, decorations and much more. We were really lucky to have chosen Island Garden Services. Rajith and I highly recommend him for your services


 Wedding Highlights




Featured Vendors:

Wedding Venue & Reception venue: Le Chateau Royal
Coordinator: Island Garden Services
Décor: Island Garden Services
Catering: Island Garden Services
MUA & hairstylist for Bride: Beauty by Vilajini
MUA & Hairstylist for Bridesmaids & Family: RX Beauty
Clothing:  RSM Silks (Toronto)
Clothing for bridesmaids: Kanesh Textiles
Clothing for Groomsmen: Nickes Fancy
Photographer: Lotuz Photography
Videographer: Dream Mirror Productions
Cake: JM cakes
MC: Nathan

Tie • The • Thali would like to thank Yaahline and Rajith for sharing their wonderful story and wedding experience with all of our readers and us. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life!

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