Vithya and Daran – Engagement Ceremony

How we met
I would say it was destiny that brought the both of us together as we were  living in the same city for almost 27 years and have never bumped into each other, and as a matter of fact we were born in the same hospital on the same year. So I strongly believe that when its time for two souls to meet, there’s nothing on earth that can prevent them from meeting. I first met Daran through a mutual friend of ours where she told me that there’s a guy who wants me to do a lead role for his short film and video song. He was quite sure that only I can pull of that role as he has watched my previous local movie that I acted in. I was pretty unsure in the beginning if I should be doing it but after the first meeting with him to discuss about the role, he managed to convince me into acting for his film. We then became good friends, shared our stories and life anecdotes for the next few months. And that’s how the journey to our beautiful love story started. We had a lot to learn about making a relationship work and we had our bumps along the way, but it did work out well for us.

Where we are from
We both lived in the same city in Malaysia but from a different town which was 30 minutes away. I have to travel to his town for work daily, where the hospital I was working in is just 2 minutes away from Daran’s house.

Engagement and Wedding Details
Well, we are engaged and legally married though, but our traditional Indian marriage ceremony will be on the 22nd September 2017 in a temple near his town.

I would like to take this opportunity to share my proposal experience. I got proposed on my birthday, yeah I know it’s not that creative but the way he planned the whole surprise is indeed still the best moments of my life. He spoke to my friends to bring me out on my birthday night to a restaurant where he planned the surprise. They blind folded me the moment I stepped out of my house and drove me down to where he was waiting for me and made me walk into a place so quite with my eyes closed where I could only hear the sound of birds chirping and river flow. The moment I reached the table my friend let my hands go and I was able to smell his perfume. I knew something was not right but I didn’t know I was into a huge surprise. He unfolded me, and I was standing in front of a table filled with rose petals and balloons in a lush sensuous appealed restaurant. I was shocked to see him there. After the meal, and Just when I thought the surprise was over they blind folded me again and brought me downstairs near the pool. By this second I was very puzzled on what was happening. And again when my friends unfolded me, he was there on his knee with 99 red roses in his hand with candles around me with a message that asks, WILL YOU MARRY ME? My heart skipped a beat looking at the whole scenario with tears running down my eyes. After a moment of silence, I told him YES.


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