Thodarkam Mangalyam Shoot

If you know us, you know we love bringing to light unique concepts and works that bring forth social issues. This shoot is prime example as it not only tackles a common issue in the South Asian world but in the general world of beauty itself. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colour so why is it that uniqueness of beauty is not represented in media itself

Thodakam Mangalyam

We always look for ​the​ “Perfect” model when it comes to a fashion shoot
​ -​ with good morphology, thin/tall​, and​ obviously ​with ​ fair skin. People think it will help to showcase their skills. But why? If you are confident with your skills, whoever you are, make-up artist, models or photographer, you should bring out the beauty of whoever it is that you have in front of you. This is my point of view and that’s how I decided to do this shoot.

Fair skin and dark skin are considered an issue in our Tamil/Indian community. I think that our generation does not​ take this too seriously​, but unfortunately some people from the newer generations are still comparing skin tones and​ body shapes.

I just wanted to show by​ doing this concept shoot, that whatever your skin tone is, whatever your morphology is, whatever your height is, the beauty in you will be shown off if you trust yourself and your artistry. Swarna & Inthuja were a perfect example for this shoot, and of course the team @Memorablesshots17 brings the beauty of these two to another level.
I would like to thank all the team for this collaboration. 
Let’s shine with our self confidence ! 
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