Sasikumari & Arvindra


I met my fiancé on the 23rd of April 2015. It was a night out at Syed Bistro Bangsar. I was out with my brothers for dinner when I suddenly saw him walking in the shop. I stood up and called his name, he walked straight towards my table and I introduced him to my brothers. It started raining and we decided to go upstairs of the shop to sit and have dinner. As I walked upstairs with my brothers to find a table, Arvindra was already seated upstairs with his friend. I had my dinner and I kept turning around to look at him, I caught him staring first a few times. The look he gave me that night made was unforgettable. I couldn’t say goodbye to him before I left for home. Before I slept that night, I kept thinking about his stare and I decided to search him on my Facebook. I sent him a message saying ‘hey was nice meeting you, take care’. It all started from there.
I am from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and Arvindra is from Kelana Jaya. We both worked in the same company, Air Asia. He is a pilot and I’m a cabin crew.
We just got engaged on April 6, 2017 at Sri Mahamariamman Temple Kuala Lumpur.
I would like to tell everyone that I’ve changed a lot for the better from the day we got together. I was a very quiet person that I hardly spoke to anyone, but spending all my time with him made me be a stronger person and more outspoken from what I was back then. Arvindra brought happiness to my life and my family, he’s been always there for me. I really love him with all my heart and I can’t wait to marry him. I’m really blessed to have met him and his lovely family. His mum is an amazing women and I’m really thankful to have a mother in law like her. She’s been there for me like my own mother and I really love her. His both brothers are like my brothers. They are a real blessing to my life. If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you, Arvindra Kumar. If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you. I love you my fiancé.

Arvindra Kumar:

I actually came across this girl’s Facebook profile by accident while I was studying in Australia. My first look at her actually caught my attention that I was curious to know more about this girl. Despite being an unknown person I actually spoke to a friend of mine about this girl. A few months later I found out she was a cabin crew in AirAsia where I was gonna report back in less than a year’s time. Excited but she is unknown. Year 2012 our first meeting happened. As I finished a late night flight and walking towards the carpark, I saw this girl walking on the opposite direction. I greeted her “Good morning” but her response was nothing but a discomfort feeling while she glared at me. In disbelief I continued to my car and as I reached my car, I was furious because I have not done any wrong but merely a simple polite gesture of an early morning greeting. Went home and continued to rant at my family about this girl and stereotyped “What’s wrong with girls nowadays”. A few years later I met her at a friends party. At that party, I learnt that Sasi was a quiet and shy introvert and that made me realised why she reacted previously. From that day onwards, whenever I saw her in the office, I would just greet her and enquire simple stuff without any intentions. Years passed and by chance I was called by my very good friend Visha Devan to meet up in Syed Bangsar on the 23rd of April 2015. It was my first time in Syed Bangsar. Without further delay I reached Syed and was looking for a table to sit. That moment its where I heard someone calling me “Arvindra,Arvindra”…by the oddest of odds….There was Sasikumari standing there with a smile, wearing an off white floral top with jeans. Her smile was different and i sensed excitement in her voice as she spoke to me.This wasnt the Sasi i knew for the  last 4years.I then went upstairs with Visha to find a table. 10 minutes later Sasi and her brother came upstairs as it was raining. She smiled at me once again. Without realising, I started to steal glances of her. About 40 minutes later, Sasi left but she only said “Bye” from her table. I felt her absence right after that. Visha adviced me to get to know Sasi but I strongly disagreed. At 4am, next morning as I woke up to head to work… I saw a FB message from Sasikumari. Excited for sure but I only wanted to be her friend as I know she is a very nice person. Days of continuous messaging and we got to know each other better. Our first date, was at KLIA2 and it was after flight. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets. As much I was hungry, I swear I couldn’t finish my sandwich at all. An awkward goodbye, I didnt know to hug or shake hands before she took the train back.(i missed 2 buses in the mean time though). Ever since, we took off in a beautiful journey and we are currently engaged while looking forward to our wedding with full eagerness and excitement. Cant wait to start our next chapter and explore what the world has to offer both of us. A friend, a companion, a fiancé, a partner in crime which I thank god that she is my life today. As much of an introvert, I have learnt alot from her that she has taught me to always think whether ” is it something i need or is it something I want”…I hv learnt to approach life in a very different angle ever since knowing this beautiful bride to be. I love her so much.
I would love to thank her parents that they have brought her up well. I am lucky to be loved by her. Today I have another beautiful family who loves me unconditionally. I would like to honour my friend Visha for calling me out that very night on the 23rd of April 2017.


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E-Shoot Photos: Ariff Shah Sopian (Official Photographer of AirAsia)
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