Navena & Karthik

Todays couple feature is a story of the  fusion of two types of scenarios, heck you could even say it’s the best of both worlds. What are we talking about you ask? Well Navena and Karthik’s  story is one of how they were set up and fell in love. However, unlike in numerous marriages where the couple learns to love each other after the wedding, these two fell in love with each other before they got married – hence the “Arranged Love Marriage.”


I felt the pressure my parents underwent. I was their oldest child. Now all that remained was their last major responsibility was to see me married.

The first time we got to know each other was through my cousin’s husband. Then, he approached me and asked for my phone number through Facebook. Since then we started texting and became friends. Karthik is a doctor and I’m a Director of a Speech and Drama at a school. He had been texting me with the intention to convince me to go on a date. Every time he did so, I always came up with an excuse. He got fed up and irritated but he did not stop his texting. Being a psychiatrist, he knew how to read my thoughts and managed to handle me well.

On 9 th of Dec 2016, my cousin got married and he took the opportunity to approach my parents directly by introducing himself. The best part was my parents were clueless when he introduced himself. During the wedding reception, he managed to convince my father that he is the right partner for me. All he needed was an hour conversation for my father to agree to his proposal. I was disappointed because my father gave his word without my concern. I cried during the wedding reception. When my mum questioned my father for his action, he didn’t speak to us for two days. The entire family was on my father’s side. They felt Karthik was the right choice. As time went by, they managed to convince me that he will be a perfect husband. Besides, my dad knows the best for me as his choice would never go wrong.

Eventually, I started liking him for the way he approached my family and my father. Thus, I agreed to this marriage. My dad was very excited about the marriage because he immediately started the wedding planning by booking the venues for the engagement and wedding reception (although I was away in New Zealand for my teaching training). On the 25th of June, we got engaged at Sri Puvaneshwari Amman Temple, Shah Alam. Finally, the big day took place on 15 th September 2017 at the Sri Thandayuthapani Temple, Chettiar Hall, Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur followed by a grand wedding reception in Midlands Convention Centre, Shah Alam on the 17th of September 2017. The wedding
was a huge celebration as my relatives were so helpful and contributed so much in organising everything. I’m so blessed to be born in a family with so much of love and support.





Featured Vendors:

Photography: Ashevin K Photography
Wedding MUAH: Kannan Raajamanickam
Videography: GDU Film Style Videography
Decoration: Symphony Fun Wedding Decorations
Catering: Golden Caterers 
Jewellery: GRT Jewellery
Bride’s Outfit: Kanjivaram Silks
Groom’s Oufit: RMKV Silks

Tie The Thali would like to thank this lovely couple for sharing their big day with us and our readers. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life!

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