Maangalyam Wedding Shoot

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you a master collaboration of shoots put together by MK Weddings in the UK. Working with numerous vendors, these shoots focus to showcase the different themes and styles that can cater to you different wedding events. Today we bring you the first of 5 shoots, The Maangalyam shoot. This shoot was done to showcase a traditional tamil wedding. We absolutely loved how this shoot portrayed ways of modernizing a traditional wedding. From the bridesmaids dressed in the cancan drapes and oxidized silver acessories, to the bride with her sleek and simple hairdo sans braid, this shoot is sure to give you all a good glimpse on how to keep up with trends during a traditional ceremony.  

Maangalyam Shoot 


Behind The Scenes

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Highlight Clip 


Featured Vendors: 

Wedding Planner: MK Weddings
Co-ordinator: Ajantha A
Sarees: Ranya Sarees 
Jeweller: AKN Jewellery
Decorators: Chellamz Events
Photographer: JS Digital UK
BTS Photographer: Stardust Fusion 
Videographer: I Pictures Production

Looking for more inspiration? Stay tuned on Tie • The • Thali to see the rest of the styled shoots done by MK Weddings.

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