Anjalli & Ajay

The love story of two Malaylis! Meet Anjalli and Ajay, a dashing couple that loves to travel the world while maintaining their careers and passions. We go to know more about this social influencer and a bit about how she met Ajay. Read below to find out more!
My husband is an entrepreneur based out of Bangalore, Chennai, and the UK. We met while I was at Law school, at a party in Bangalore, and stayed in touch on and off. A million fights and making up later, we eventually decided to tie the knot in the beginning of 2017.
We are both Malayalis, so that really helped the whole process of convincing parents – and they also instantly liked us and each other as soon as we met! I’m a lawyer and a social influencer. I follow both my career and passion at the same time. Ajay and I are complete opposites and extremely similar at the same time, and I think that’s what works for us.
We got married on the 10th of June in Kannur, Kerala. Our wedding ceremony was done in a traditional Hindu Nair style. Our wedding was planned out in just 2 months time. All thanks to my dad – he helped me pick vendors, designers, and made all the arrangements. I couldn’t have done it without him.
My outfits were mostly self designed with lots of Pinterest ideas to my rescue. I ensured that the colour of my saree was unique and set itself apart in the crowd unlike the typical reds and pinks.





We would like to thank Anjalli & Ajay for doing a post wedding interview with us, and sharing their wedding highlights!

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