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Tell us about the girls behind Luvania – aside from your business.
We were both raised in a traditional Tamil households where typically parents expect children to excel academically. We must admit, it was a struggle to prove to our family that we can indeed prosper with the career choice we made. We are both really into fitness and being healthy. With how hectic our schedules are, it is almost an obsession to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being in the beauty industry, it is important to recognize that beauty is both from the inside and out.

When did you first get into the wedding industry? What kind of services do you provide?
We like to think it was meant to be.  Both Jen and I (Sabina) finished our training at Blanche McDonald in 2010 and 2011. We were always family friends, but as we got older we would run into each other more frequently. I still remember running into Jen at the mall and she asked about my experience with Blanche as she also was considering enrolling into the hair program. When she graduated the following year, I had the pleasure to do her make up for her graduation – and still it didn’t cross our minds to collaborate. Finally, coincidentally when we were called to the same booking did we realize to work together – it was a no-brainer. We have an amazing working relationship and it’s been quite the journey.

Where are you located/based? Do you provide services to clients overseas?
We are a Vancouver-based company with seven years of experience in the industry. We have had the pleasure to travel internationally for clients for instance – just last year we flew to India to get one of our bride’s glammed for her wedding events.

What types of events have you mostly been hired for?

  • South Asian bridal and pre bridal events
  • Prom
  • Editorial photo shoots

Tell us something about Luvanis that a lot of people may not know (whether it be a service you provide, or product, etc).

Not many people might know this about us but we are firm believers of giving back to our Tamil community.  We are a proud sponsors for our local Tamil student association and other organizations.









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