Bajena & Thuchanth

How did we meet?
When music connects two souls then it becomes one. We met nearly 11 years ago at music class (tamil carnatic). Yes, some of our friends still can’t believe that we went to music class. We may have not succeeded in singing, but we did in life. With the help of some social networks, we got connected. We have been talking for months about random things and got to know each other very well. After a couple of months, we recognzsed how much we have in common. It felt like I found my best buddy or more my soulmate. Then everything happened with time from then on. From best buddies, to girl-/boyfriend – we ended up as Mr. and Mrs. CK.

About Us
For the people who know us very well, they know we are literally opposite people. Thuchanth is a down to earth person, who is always trying to create our perfect world by planning our future. He is a very clear minded person an has his own visions and plans. He is the one who is more mature out of the two. But on the other side, he still has his childish moments when no one is around him – and I absolutely love it because that’s the confirmation how he feels when he is around me. The biggest passions he shares since day one is definitely music and football. No day goes by without listening to loud music in our sweet home. 

He I’m more like a dreamer. I believe in destiny and that everything happens for a reason. Everyday is a new chance to make everything better than the day before. Most of the time I love to fool around with my loved ones. When my husband pretends to be the DJ, I love to dance around! Besides goofing and dancing around – I also enjoy food! Food is like a world map, so many delicious dishes to taste and to explore. Moreover, we can be like Tom and Jerry, but we can also be more romantic as Romeo and Juliet.

Everything happened fast within a year. After 8 years of dating, we decided to start our big wedding journey with the blessing of our family. We had our engagement within an intimate small circle on April 1, 2015. I have always dreamt of getting married in Schloss Benrath on 19.05.2016 (Düsseldorf, Germany) and so we did. The best part was choosing my wedding dress. All I had in my mind is to amaze my husband and feel special. So I did just that. It was such a wonderful day with the most important person in my life, and of course family and friends.

The Hindu Wedding 
Nearly right after our registration, we had our wedding planning going for the Hindu Wedding and reception party. To be honest, we had a lot of ups and downs. I had some very important exams going on, and during this time Thuchanth was my rock and smashed the whole organization. We put our importance to let a traditional Hindu wedding be as traditional as we could plan. That’s why we decided to tie the thali in a temple in Hamm Sri-Kamadchi-Ampal-Tempel.

Even the koorai choosing was a bit old fashioned. My mother and mother in law told me that when they got married, they were not allowed to see  their koorai sarees before the ceremony. It was the responsibility of the groom to choose, buy, and hand it over during the ceremony. This was the most exciting moment during the ceremony. I already told Thuchanth my preferences, but he designed my beautiful saree with the help of Subee from Casipillai Designer Collection, and he just did an excellent job – way beyond my imagination.  It’s unbelievable, but I could write a book about the Hindu Wedding. It was a day full of emotions, excitement, and a lot of unforgettable moments. It would not have been our dream wedding without the whole wedding team, and especially our family.

Wedding Images


Featured Vendors:

Saree: Casipillai Designer Collection
Jewellery: AKN Jewellery
Videography: Motion Guru
Photography: MY Photograph
Hindu Wedding Make Up: Beauty Concepts By Tanu
Henna: Shobi Creations
Catering: Nandys Catering


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