Thasheela & Velselvam – Engagement Ceremony

Thasheela and Velselvam were delighted to share their engagement ceremony with us. These two take us back to this special day where two hearts became one with the love of families with them.


When I take a walk down my memory lane, it gives a lot of sweet moments to cherish and to be thankful for. Nine beautiful years, and certainly more to come with my sweetheart Velselvam. I couldn’t agree for that ours was truly a match made in heaven! It all started when we both started attending the same tuition classes back in 2008. Something made us to continue glancing at each other. Almost every time I looked at him, he was already observing me. Yet, I did not make any effort to initiate a conversation with him. Matter of fact, neither did he make an attempt to greet me. After sometime, I started receiving messages on my mobile, at first without any introduction but just a ‘Hi, how are you?’ message. When I started entertaining the message, the mystery was revealed! Yes, it was HIM! We took very little time to get to know each other as we are from Ipoh and we share some common friends and family friends. Thus, it did not take us that long to figure out the chemistry between both of us. He confessed and I reciprocated.

Our first dating spot was Ipoh Parade, a shopping place in my hometown Ipoh. We spoke for hours and our bond became stronger. We started meeting often and our relationship became stronger when both our family members accepted our relationship without any issues. With his warm nature, he convinced my parents that their little princess is in safe hands even without trying too hard. Likewise, both his parents and siblings were overwhelmed to have known that their son’s choice can never be wrong. We ended up entering into the same university for our degree. He was a great companion throughout my four years of University life, and in return I never failed to support him. We graduated recently in November 2017 with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from the University of Industry Selangor, Malaysia.

Our engagement was held on December 1, 2017 in Ipoh. The ceremony was a long-planned event as my fiancé wanted to give me the best experience ever. Since his passion is art and design, he practically took the lead to design all the trays, backdrops, and to my surprise – palanquins. It was a great surprise and I was taken aback with everything. He did not only surprise me, but actually made me to feel like a real princess. He personally hand-picked all the amazing gifts which were beyond words. I received overwhelming compliments from everyone – and most importantly, my parents felt so blessed to have Velselvam as their son-in-law. Everything turned out to be outstanding and well praised. I was indeed Princess Thasheela! My one and only brother, my cousin sisters and brothers, and of course my parents and parent in-laws all played important roles in making our engagement a splendid memory to be rekindled and remembered again and again.



Photographer: Nivan Studio
Mehendi: Pareez
MUAH: Tshanti Bridal

Tie The Thali would like to thank this lovely couple for sharing their big day with us and our readers. We wish them nothing but the best for their future!

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