Contemporary Bridals

This shoot was named  “CONTEMPORARY BRIDALS”, to portray the  South Indian bridal styles mixed with North Indian bridal looks. It took months to plan and execute and the speciality of this shoot, is that it was Dazzling Darlings first shoot to take place at her own new studio which was built from scratch!

As well as being the first shoot in her own studio, it was also Dazzling Darlings and Sheetal Mak’s official first shoot together. Sheetal being a MUA from the North Indian, they wanted to mix her style with our traditional South Indian bridal. Since these two had been working together on numerous occasions this project seemed like the perfect opportunity to put forth a collaboration to acknowledge.

Together, these artists wanted to showcase their different styles when it comes to makeovers but  also inspire Hindu Brides to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to bridal  looks (whether it be hair, makeup, saree colours, hair flowers etc. ) while still achieving a traditional look. They both have a lot in common but when it comes to dressing up, their styles are completely different. Dazzling Darlings like to keep it very simple and traditional whereas Sheetal loves playing around with colours, styles and different ways of dressing.

In regards to the team:

Sarees and Blouse – Arishaa Sarees (Thanu) who was so easy to work with. Dazzling Darlings  personally wanted to choose the sarees and design the blouses keeping it very simple. Thanu left everything with her. Getting the blouses stitched was on time and was just perfect fit for all models.

Decorations – Chellamz Events, they were kind enough to provide everything as requested and created a golden/Vintage studio look as required. They were able to match the needs and were so quick in setting up the backdrops and providing the shoot with extra props.

Photography – Jeyash and Soozana. Where to start with them? Jeyash and Dazzling Darlings go back long way. He was the first official photographer Dazzling Darlings worked with on a shoot for the The Tamil Wedding. Since it was the first shoot in the new studio and with Sheetal, Jeyash was the ideal person to bring on board.

Everything was just perfect from the timings to organiation. Everyone helped each other out and worked together. Personally Dazzling darlings felt so good having her own space, no time limits and being able to do whatever she wanted since it was her own space 🙂

All the four models chosen were new to working with Dazzling Darlings. The girls were  very professional and easy to work with.  Even though they all travelled from afar to be a part of this collaboration, they made the effort to be at the studio on time. . This meant a lot to Dazzling darlings as they took their time and effort to be at the studio on time.  

Overall, this has been an amazing shoot and memory close to Dazzling Darlings and Sheetal. Definitely a day to remember and cherish! Thank you for all the support and positivity towards this shoot.

Written byWritten by Flora Stanislaus –(Flo4u )
Edited by Tie The Thali


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A Collaborative with:

Photography: Soozana Pvan Photography & Jeyash Luxmanan Photography
Makeup & Hair: Dazzling Darlings UKSheetal Mak’s
Sarees: Arishaa Sarees
Event Oraniser & Props: Chellamz Events
Models: Piomina, Saru, Veronica & Claudia
Content Writer: Flora Stanislaus


Stay tuned  to Tie The Thali for an upcoming bridal giveaway with Dazzling Darling, Arishaa Sarees & Chellamz Events!

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