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We caught up with Rami Hay, a law graduate who also makes vlogs on YouTube. We came across Rami on YouTube where she got raw about her wedding experience in Surrey, Canada. After watching her informative video about the wedding industry and her firsthand experience, we had to discuss some of her best tips and advice for future brides and couples.



Tell us a little bit about Rami Hay.
My name is Raminder and I enjoy blogging about Indian wedding tips and fashion/style. I am a law graduate and am embarking on a path to become a lawyer. My passion of blogging and vlogging came from wanting an outlet from the “professional life” I have been leading. I get to show myself in a different light, and break the boundaries that people out there may expect from someone with my background. I got married one year ago and I love to cook and watch movies. I also lived in Australia for 3 years when I was in graduate school.

Where are you from? Give us a bit of background on your ethnic background as well.
I was born and raised in Surrey, BC (Canada). I am full Punjabi. I like to say that I am a second generation because my parents moved here when they were pre-teens and grew up assimilated to the modern culture of being a Canadian.

When did you get engaged, and when did you get married? Where were both events located?
I got engaged September of 2014 and married May 2016. My engagement was located in Surrey, BC at Grand Taj, and my wedding/reception were at the No 5 Road Gurdwara and Bombay Banquet Hall (respectively).

How would you describe the planning process of your wedding?
Planning was very stressful, given that my wedding was planned whilst overseas. I had to be very organized, because that is the only way you can mitigate the stress of your wedding time. I did everything well in advance to make sure that I got the vendors I wanted and to make sure that I wasn’t freaking out months before. I had to be up and at it all the time because Australia has a time difference. Make sure you have a timeline to help you.

Tell us one thing you find that you focused on the most in terms of planning your wedding. (whether it be makeup, accommodation, DJ, food, etc).
I focused mainly on decorations. I feel like that is the one category that encompasses many aspects of my wedding. I care about the details and I wanted to make sure that my themes were executed through DIY projects. Overall, I wanted the little things to stand out compared to other peoples’ events.



  • Plan ahead; book all major venues, DJ, hair and makeup and photo/video 2 years in advance
  • Hire a planner or someone to execute the wedding. Giving the tasks to family members is draining and they won’t enjoy the events.
  • Make sure you eat your wedding week and on the wedding and reception. Being “HANGRY” is real and you need to stay full to have the best time possible (with all of the stress).
  • Read the tips on my instagram page. There are so many little things that you don’t think about but that you would want to analyse ahead of time!
  • Try to limit the amount of fighting during the process of planning. The bride and groom are always going to be stressed, but try to be calm and stay on the same page to avoid being really upset. It’s normal to fight but try to let the little things go, especially if there’s a solution.


They say hindsight is 20/20 and having gone through the whole process with your wedding, tell us 5 things you would do differently if you could re-do your wedding.

1. I would have maybe not planned out too many details. There are things that don’t get executed and that you spend hours on without appreciation. You will know if it’s there, but people will have a good time no matter what.

2. I would have maybe done my research on different vendors before booking to avoid some stress and disappointment.

3. I should have tried my reception gown on properly, I was really annoyed that it wasn’t getting held up because it was really heavy and strapless. I would have made a solution! Luckily I had a second comfortable outfit to change into.

4. I would have asked the Gurdwara if wearing a veil was permitted and accepted because my entrance was ruined by the Gurdwara granthi interrupting my walk in and telling me to take my veil off.

5. I don’t like living with regrets, so there is nothing major that I would change- I had a great time!

We would like to thank Rami for collaborating with us – and for providing our readers and ourselves great advice! To see more of Rami Hay, check out her YouTube channel and website listed below.



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