Rainbow After a Storm – Vahini Franklin

Trigger warning. This post discusses violence, sexual assault, and other domestic violence issues.

Vahini’s Past

Meet Vahini – a mother, wife, daughter, and proud business owner of Blue Blossoms Florists. We first encountered her work on Instagram with her lovely creations. As we started chatting, we found a friend within. As talented as she is, she is confident enough to share her story in hopes of inspiring and helping other woman that have gone through a similar situation.

Before her business, marriage, and child – Vahini had a rough past. She was sexually abused by her male cousin who was 29 years old while she was the age of 12. Her cousin assaulted her for years. In the midst of being unacceptably treated by her cousin, she met her boyfriend and felt safe, so she thought. Little did she know this boyfriend would become abusive. Vahini was in an abusive relationship for six years of her life. This phase of her life started in highschool and continued on until she was 20. She was constantly in and out of hospitals dealing with the physical, emotional, and verbal abuse she endured in this relationship. Vahini never called the police or told anyone about the pain she went through. Her parents knew of the man and were aware of them dating – but not the abuse.

Realizing that he (Vahini’s boyfriend) was insecure that she would be more educated than him, she ended up dropping out of school. She soon began to sneak out to hang out with friends without him finding out. Vahini was living a life of fear. When Vahini was 19, the lies to her boyfriend continued and eventually got worse. He would constantly ring her phone every hour to make sure she was home. She would pretend like she’s sleeping or run to the bathroom to talk, even though she was hanging out with her friends. One night, when she was 20, she had gone to a party that she didn’t really feel like attending (since she wasn’t really into parties). However, that party changed her life.

An escape from her boyfriend and an escape from her pain led her to a party where she would meet her now husband (Pradhan). He was older than she was, and she had no real interest in speaking to him or anyone that was there. She sat by herself in a corner and sipped on water. Pradhan came over and starting talking casually. He felt bad that she was sitting alone and gave her company. They talked about motorcycles, cars, things she likes, things he likes. The night finally came to an end.

The next day, Vahini’s friend asked her to join on a double date with Pradhan. Vahini was not interested as she was already linked with her boyfriend at the time. However, after a few days, Vahini went ahead on the double date offer – and the rest is history. Pradhan showed her life with trust, laughter, love, and many more. He encouraged her to be more social, finish school, start college, be independent – and showered her with love she’d never experienced. You can say that Vahini was able to turn a new leaf.


Engagement Story

Pradhan and Vahini both love the outdoors and being in nature. They go up to the cottage a few times in the summer. Surprisingly enough, Pradhan told Vahini on their first date that he never wanted to get married or have kids.

But Victoria Day Long Weekend in 2015 came as a surprise when Pradhan took Vahini to a private lake, got on one knee and proposed! Vahini never imagined a day like this would ever come where someone she loves so dearly will go on his knee and ask her to marry him. Pradhan was lucky enough to catch the entire proposal on his gropro too. A few weeks later, the lovely couple found out they were pregnant – and now are blessed with two beautiful boys and a life they thought they would never have. Endless smiles and unconditional love.


There is always a rainbow at the end of a storm. That saying is true. I was in a storm for many years until I found my husband. Vahini

Blue Blossoms Florist

Vahini was diagnosed with clinical depression while in her previous relationship. She had attempted suicide many times. After the birth of her eldest child, she developed post partum depression. This is what encouraged her husband to create Blue Blossoms. (instagram.com/blueblossomsflorist) – to help Vahini cope with depression. Blue Blossoms is Vahini’s way of keeping busy and healing. It gives her a purpose to life outside of raising her beautiful boys.



Breaking The Silence

Recognizing the signs of an abusive relationship and getting help is important. Know that you are not alone and you should not suffer through this living state of fear. Tie • The • Thali encourages those who are in a relationship and are going through some form of domestic violence or abuse to check out this help guide website (https://www.helpguide.org/articles/abuse/domestic-violence-and-abuse.htm) and to seek help/report the incidents.

Help for women:

Help for men:


Tie • The • Thali feels privileged to have been able to get to know Vahini through her business and through her story. We are proud of her for sharing personal details of her past with the world.

We would like to wish Vahini, Pradhan, and their two beautiful sons a happy life. Additionally, we would like to wish nothing but success and growth for her business – Blue Blossoms Florist.

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  1. You are amazing and strong and awesome. Wish you the best for your business all the way from Malaysia!!!! Xoxoxo

  2. You are a very strong, smart and beautiful person. You have a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys and above all you are a wonderful friend . The sky is the limit. Xox

  3. Many South Asian girls, especially Tamil, don’t have the courage to talk about them being molested as a child. Most of these girls find it really hard to be in a proper relationship as they grow up as well. I’ve read a few articles which state that children who undergo sexual abuse will try to suicide as they grow (for random reasons) because, they keep all their guilt inside and blame themselves. It gets a lot worse when you think someone finally understands your past and loves you for who you are BUT, it turns out that they’ll make you hate you even more than you initially did. I can relate to Vahini’s story and I’ve gone through similar things. I want to wish her all the best & also for having the courage to talk about it -cause most of us can’t/won’t. <3

  4. All the very best to this lovely family ❤️ Got nothing but best wishes and hope god showers you with peace and happiness 🌹

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