Rapid Fire Q&A with Vithya Hair And Makeup (Vithya Visvendra)

Not only is this female one of UK’s favourites, but she has also been recognized and seen as an successful female for many around the world. This person is none other than Vithya Hair and Makeup. We caught up with this busy lady to bring you a fun interview to get to know her a little more.

This is our new segment to Tie The Thali where we switch it up and give our participants some fill in the blanks and limited choices to make this feature exciting and fun our readers. This feature will also allow you to get to know this beauty a little more.


*Blue are Vithya’s answers

  1. My favourite thing about living in London is the history.
  2. My dream car would be an Audi R8.
  3. I am looking forward to the weather in Malaysia.
  4. If I could choose one of these drinks, it would be neither. (caramel macchiato/white chocolate mocha).
  5. If I could live anywhere in the world other than Malaysia and London, it would be San Francisco.
  6. My top three current favourite makeup products are concealer, bronzer, and brow pencil.
  7. I tend to live (live/capture) the moments of my life.
  8. My greatest accomplishment this far in life is my career.
  9. Wedding Planners are lacking in the wedding industry.
  10. I prefer Tamil  (Western/Tamil) food at weddings.
  11. The key to making a long distance relationship work is trust.
  12. If I could wear an accessory for the rest of my life, it would be my wedding ring.(ring/necklace etc. )
  13. I’m ready in my manavarai saree and I’ve been told I’m only allowed to wear two accessories things. I would pick earrings and statement necklace (waist chain, statement necklace, head piece).
  14. My favourite hairstyle to do on brides is a half up, half down look.
  15. I’m my happiest when there is silence.
  16. If I could wear one type of saree for the rest of my life, it would be silk (silk, cottton, net etc).
  17. Mulumathu from Jodhaa Akbar is a classic tamil wedding song.
  18. (Red Lips / Contour) Red Lips – would be my go to if I had only one choice.
  19. My favourite Kollywood fashion icon is  Samantha Prabhu (Kajal, Trisha, Nayanthara etc.).
  20. A must at my upcoming wedding is eating from Banana Leaves.

We hope you enjoyed our feature with Vithya, and hope you enjoyed getting to know this beauty a little more. 

Vithya Hair and Makeup: http://vithyahairandmakeup.com/

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