Krishanthan and Shanmugapriya

Fallen in love , still loving and will love forever. Where to start with this man – my love. Been 8 years, went like a wind. Still have butterflies when looking at him..

I am Hindu and he is Christian; although it is the 21st Century, we still live in a backwards traditional society. We had lot of issues with families due to our religion, but in the end, it all worked out well. Compromised to be exact.

I am not perfect but he made me perfect for him.

We fought for our love – joined hands January 16, 2016 at Croydon Registry Office and August 27, 2017 we joined as one soul front of God in Morden Saam Hall.


Wedding Highlights



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Photography: Ashok Amir Photography
MUAH : Dazzling Darling
Saree and Jewellery: Mangala Designer Collection


Tie The Thali would like to thank this lovely couple for sharing their big day with us and our readers. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life!

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