Interview With Deyakannesha

Who is Deyakannesha, aside from the girl we see on Instagram? Tell us a bit about yourself.
A lot of who I am is what you see on Instagram – my favourite part of most days is putting together my outfit for the day! I love fashion and I love being creative – whether I am being creative with my outfits, my pictures, or working on a DIY project. I am really close to both my mom and my fiancé, they are the most important and special people in my life.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people (in the social media world) would know.
All throughout university, my education was at the top of my list of priorities. I graduated on the dean’s honour roll with a degree in accounting and started working in corporate. I have reaped many benefits as a result of prioritizing my education. What everyone might not know is that my social media platforms are a secondary source of income for me. A lot of what I learned in school helped me successfully turn my social media platforms into a business.


How did you and your husband-to-be meet? Where are you both from?
Bala and I are both Sri Lankan, living in Toronto, and we both attended the same University – that’s where we first ran into each other. He used to try getting my attention but he will probably deny it and say I tried to get his attention! There were only a handful of times we saw each other at school or at a school related function and I can describe each one of them in detail (he can’t)! He definitely did get my attention even though I didn’t let him know it at the time.

Now that you are engaged you are probably in the midst of planning all your events. How many events will you be having as a part of your wedding? Have any of them already happened? How long are you giving yourselves to plan?
We have already hosted an engagement party and we had an amazing time! We have a few other wedding related events that I am currently planning. Bala is Hindu and I am Christian so we will have two ceremonies!

Where will your wedding and other events be? Are you planning a destination wedding?
I think destination weddings are fun! However, I can never imagine being in a unfamiliar place during one of the most special days of my life. Whenever I think of a destination wedding I always think, what if I accidentally leave my wedding dress at home?! We will be having our wedding right here in Toronto.


Have you chosen any of your wedding vendors already? Do you find that there are some vendors that are easier to chose? What are some of the more difficult ones?
I have already chosen and even booked some of my wedding vendors. I think it is important to plan ahead for your wedding. The wedding planning process and all of the wedding related events are ones that you should thoroughly enjoy every moment of. I hate the thought of feeling stressed because I waited too long to book a vendor. So I am planning ahead and booking early! To me all vendors, such as the photographer, videographer, makeup artist, decor, are all equally important and equally  hard to pick! Your wedding day is a one of the most special and important days of your life and for most of us, it only happens once. You are trusting all of your vendors to ensure that the day goes smoothly and not only do their job but do it right and maybe even go above and beyond your expectations! So I am personally putting a lot of thought into every single vendor that I am choosing, none of the decisions have been easy. However, there is one aspect of the wedding that I really don’t care much about and that’s food!! A lot of people might be surprised to hear that but picking out the menu items and deciding on the caterer really doesn’t interest me.

We know from your Instagram that fashion is very important to you. Tell us what you were looking for when you were shopping at Pothys? Did you find what you were looking for?
To be honest, our shopping trip to India was not ideal. We were only in Chennai for three days and three days was definitely not enough! When I was shopping at Pothys, I was looking for anything that caught my eye!


This leads us to our next question, tell us a little bit about your experience with Pothys in Chennai when you visited on vacation. Do you think it is worth it to travel to India to do your wedding shopping? Do you think you would have been able to find things to your tastes if you hadn’t gone to India?
I received a lot of mix reviews from friends and families about shopping in India- some said that the trip to India is worth it and some said that the trip is not. I personally believe that I saved a lot of money shopping in India. I know I would not have been able to find the same pieces in Canada for the same prices. However, I do think that I would have been able to find something beautiful here in Toronto if I did not go to India. I was in Chennai a year before my wedding, just days after Bala proposed to me. So firstly, I didn’t have much of an idea of what i was even looking for! I didn’t have time to decide what colours I wanted to wear, how many wedding events we wanted to host etc… Second, I didn’t have someone there to help me make decisions. Of course, Bala tried to help me as much as possible but let’s be realistic – he was probably dozing off during most of the shopping trips! I am just thankful that he even ran around with me everywhere from morning to night during those three days even though he wasn’t feeling well during our short stay in Chennai. So my advice would be to have a really good idea of what you are looking for before you go to India and go with someone, like your mom or sister, who can help you make decisions.

How important is fashion to your fiancee? Is he letting you take the reins on his outfits or is he selecting his stuff himself?
Bala doesn’t like to wear anything too trendy. I have tried to make him and failed one too many times! Even though he doesn’t like trendy pieces, he still knows what looks good on him and what doesn’t. So I trust him to make his own outfit decisions! He definitely doesn’t care about fashion as much as I do, especially not enough to spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect wedding outfits, so I will probably have to find a few pieces for him to choose from.


We know you, along with your mom often create outfits for yourself. Are you planning on wearing any of your own creations or creating any designs for your bridal party?
Our plan, as of now, is to design and create the outfits for my bridal party! We might change our mind if we find a really beautiful dress in store- only because it will save my mum a lot of time and effort! She doesn’t mind but I don’t want to give her a lot of work to do!

Do you notice a current trend within the Tamil community in terms of Bridal sarees and bridal wear in general? What would you describe it as right now?
I think current trends are different for Christian brides and Hindu brides. I’m Christian and growing up, the only saree I would ever see a bride wearing is the red koorai saree at the wedding reception. For the ceremony, the brides will either wear a white dress or a white saree. Hindu weddings are a whole new world to me. I only started paying attention to what Hindu brides are wearing this summer because I realized that I am going to be one next year! One thing that I have noticed is that brides are daring to step away from the traditional looks and guidelines! Your wedding is such a special day to you and you are the one that is going to look back on the day (and the pictures) for the rest of your life so you should wear something that reflects your personality and something that you are ecstatic to wear, I don’t think there should be any limitations or restrictions! I love that brides are daring to step outside the box.


Do you have any inspirations for your wedding? (It can be for anything from outfit, food, decor)
I like simple and minimal, I don’t like anything over the top or extravagant. I also like soft, pastel colours and floral details. I think that’s what the Christian ceremony will look like- simple, pastel colours, and lots of flowers. For the Hindu ceremony, I am open to incorporating lots of bright colours!

How are you splitting up tasks amongst you and your fiance? Eg: Will he take care of the DJ, while you do decor?
My fiancé knows that I love to plan, i actually find it enjoyable. So he has let me take the reigns. I always check with him before I make any final decisions and if he doesn’t like something, I go back to the drawing board and come up with a new idea. He is always there to do anything I ask him to. I hate talking on the phone with people so whenever I need to book an appointment with a vendor or ask them questions over the phone, he does that for me! There are a few vendors such as the caterer and the DJ that I don’t have too much of a interest in choosing so I will probably ask him to take over those tasks!


What is one thing you have noticed that is challenging in regards to the planning of your wedding?
Finding vendors is a bit overwhelming. There are so many to choose from here in Toronto, which is great, but it also makes it harder to pick one. Wedding vendors can also be really expensive so you need to ensure that you are making a good choice. You don’t want to hand over your hard earned money to just anybody!

Couples don’t always agree on wedding details. Have you noticed anything in the planning stage that you haven’t agreed on?
As I mentioned before, Bala lets me do all of the planning because he knows I enjoy it. He doesn’t care about things like colours, decor, venue… I’m sure he wants everything to look good but he trusts my taste. One thing we can’t ever seem to agree on is numbers! I want the wedding to be small and intimate but he knows a lot of people! We are working on a compromise :)!


What detail are you most focusing on for either wedding? Food? Decor? DJ? Favors?
I think I will be focusing mostly on the decor and the outfits (of course!). I am not a huge fan of unnecessary frills like wedding favours.

Do you have a colour scheme you are sticking to ? Is it the same colour scheme for your wedding and other events?
I haven’t picked the colour schemes yet but I don’t think I will be sticking to the same one!I would want to have a little bit of fun and choose a different colour scheme for each event that we host. I definitely don’t want to use the same colour scheme for our Christian and Hindu ceremonies. Currently I am envisioning soft, pastel colours for our Christian ceremony and lots of bright colours for our Hindu ceremony.

Are your the parents involved with the planning? How much say do they have in the wedding and other events?
They have a lot of say when it comes to traditions that we have to follow. However, with regards to everything else like decor, food, and makeup, they let me do whatever I want! I think as long as we don’t try to eliminate or amend any of the religious traditions, our moms will be happy and as long as our moms are happy, we are happy! I definitely am not a fan of family members trying to convince the couples to carry out the wedding in a way that pleases them. The focus should be on what the couple want because it is their special day!


What is something you are really looking forward to during your wedding (Besides getting married)?
Besides officially becoming Bala’s wife, I without a doubt, as you can probably guess, am most excited for my outfits!! I am also even more excited to move in with Bala. I spend about 10 hours on the road each week just to see him because he lives about an hour away! I can’t wait to just go to sleep next to him, wake up next to him, and make dinners together!

Instagram: @deyakannesha
Engagement Photography: @shotsofelegance_


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