Hindu Wedding Highlights – Shobika and Haren

Shobika and Haren- the glowing couple from Toronto, Canada got married in 2016. We collaborated with the couple and photographers to bring you their Hindu Wedding Highlights to our blog. Their special day was captured by Treasured Photography, based in Toronto, Canada.

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Catching up with the bride, Shobika!

It is absolutely crazy how someone that you vividly remember from your past just shows up and becomes significant out of the nowhere: that was our story. We remember walking by each other in our high school but never once talked. Three years ago, he approached me on social media with a “Hey, you look familiar!” message. Usually when people say that, it feels like an excuse to talk, but I actually did remember him and we just started talking.  From then on, things got serious in a matter of time. Months prior to our wedding, he proposed so beautifully at the high school we attended. He even got a chance to talk to the school principal to change the school sign to a personalized engagement message. I was beyond touched and lost for words.


Our wedding, in my eyes, was the most beautiful day of my life. Believe it or not, we stumbled on hiring a wedding planner but Haren and I were so efficient for the five months of planning. We actually ended up planning everything ourselves, alongside with our family and friends who helped us out tremendously. To be honest, we felt that we picked the best of the best when it came to suppliers and vendors. Our photographers and cinematographers were none other than Treasured Photography and Photoplay Media, who are the most amazing individuals to work with. According to Naphisha, from Perfect Setting Inc., Haren was more of a bride than I was because of his crazy, vivid imagination and his detailed proposals. Napisha exceeded our expectations with her décor. I am also so glad that I had the chance of getting the #AKMAGIC from none other than Anna Karapetyan of AK MAKEUP AND HAIR. The second our wedding date was fixed, I kid you not, she was the first person I e-mailed. She is beyond amazing at what she does and she made sure I looked flawless for my wedding day(s). Varnan Para of Scarborough Convention Centre, our hall coordinator, made sure everything at the hall was perfect for us and just the way we wanted it. The vendors we chose for our special days kept us calm and made sure we did not worry about a single thing.

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I can probably write a book as to the amount of advice and tips I would share with other couples who are planning their wedding right now. I feel like my wedding stress started off in India, where I went to buy practically everything for the wedding day(s). This included the invitations, both of our outfits, bridesmaids outfits, family outfits, jewellery etc. For one, do not STRESS too much. I was a STRESS QUEEN because I literally stressed about everything and anything. When planning your special day, I know there is this unusual feeling of wanting everything and all your decisions to be perfect. But this will only make you and your significant other feel overwhelmed because you have this idea of perfection lingering in your head. Whatever arguments and disputes happen, just relax and let it go.

Remember to take loads of pictures on your wedding day(s), regardless of whether you’re tired or not. It is a once in a lifetime experience and you won’t ever live this moment again. Your family and friends are always there to lean on for support and make sure you appreciate that. Enjoy the process, support each other and make decisions together. After all that is said and done, as long as you two are happy, that’s all that matters. 

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Most of our wedding day was a blur. We had an early morning wedding; no sleep, everyone was cranky, it was winter time, etc – and before you know it, everything was done. I swear, I have several memorable parts of our wedding day. For one, the jitterbugs and butterflies I got when it was time to walk to the manavarai for the first time. It is way too intense but you just have to live the moment. My most favourite part was after I did the koorai change and it was time to come back to the manavarai. I had no idea what music they were going to play for our entrance. To my surprise, Haren had created a special track for my entrance. The song consisted of all of our favourite songs which relates to our special love bond which left me so touched as I was walking towards him. Try to do personal touches here and there for your wedding. I made sure to stitch our names on my koorai saree at Pothys in Chennai. We even got the priest who wedded my parents 27 years ago to wed Haren and I. As a casual baker, I made our own wedding cake. Although family/friends talked me up to  being absolutely crazy for wanting to do this, amongst all the other tasks we were doing, I just had to do it!

Pretty much, it’s safe to say both Haren and I soaked it all in. We enjoyed every month, even when we were both going through ‘wedding stress’. This was mainly because we were surrounded by the best people to remind us to enjoy every single moment, from start to finish. Our wedding week was filled with all sorts of emotions and I simply wish this pure joy and happiness for every couple out there.


Treasured Photography

The men behind Treasured Photography specialize in wedding photography , where each and every wedding is treated with care and creativity. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography experience.


Wedding Highlights

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We would like to thank Shobika & Haren for sharing their wedding experience and planning process with Tie The Thali! Congratulations on pulling off a beautiful wedding! We wish you a happy married life.

We would also like to thank Treasured Photography for providing high-resolution images for our blog. 


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