Gajana and Tom

Often times, when Asian parents seem skeptical about the person you are dating, it is not because they don’t trust you to make your own decisions or want to control every thing in your life. Usually, it is because they are unfamiliar with that person. Because of this,  telling your parents about the love of your life is never an easy task especially when they are of a completely different background. This couples story is a very cute one with a happy ending. Gajana shares with us how she met the love of her life and how her parents accepted Tom, knowing he was from a different ethnic background. 

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Their Story

Out story is unique – three months after we started dating, Tom moved away from our city to continue his schooling. This was probably the most difficult time in our relationship as we lived far apart and hardly had the chance to see each other. They say “Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder,” and looking back on that period of our relationship, I couldn’t agree more. That time we spent apart only made us realise how much we really cared for each other and didn’t want to spend anymore time without one another. 

During the time we were dating, my parents had no idea about Tom but Tom really wanted to change that. He didn’t want us to hide around and so he told me he wanted to meet my parents and discuss with them about our future. He came over and told my parents how he felt about me and how much he meant to me. The day ended up being a good day and ever since, he comes over to visit my family often. My mom always cooks him tamil food when Tom comes over. His favourite is rice with parippu and he always tells me I better learn how to make my moms recipes. 

With blessings from my parents, and our relationship going strong, Tom proposed to me last Christmas and I said Yes! While he finishes up schooling, we have been planning or wedding and ceremonies slowly. We had our Engagement party in July this year and our Civil wedding this summer, where Tom Tied The Thali on me. Being an interracial couple, we have definitely had our work cut out for us but I can’t stress enough how happy I am we found each other! We cannot wait to get married and travel the world together! 

Engagement & Civil Wedding

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Images By: Karina Wiebe Photography

Wedding Venue:

Stay tuned on Tie • The • Thali for Gajana and Tom’s Wedding. Tie • The • Thali wishes them nothing but the best for their wedding planning. 

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