Dayana and Ness: A Marriage Without Any Regrets 

Remember the girl in the gorgeous orange Cancan Saree on Instagram? Well she is none other then our feature bride and we bring you her story on how she met her husband, their wedding planning and of course, their beautiful highlights from all their wedding events!

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“The hardest moment was few minutes before the thali kattu when I realized that I was going to leave my dad, mom, lil bro… My tears couldn’t stop flowing !”

My name is Dayana and I’m 21 years old ! I was born and raised in Paris and that is where both my husband and I reside. My husband’s name is Ness and he is 24. He works in the restaurant industry. Right fatter our wedding, I got a new job in an aeronautical private school so I guess you could say my life has a sorts of excitement between a new husband and a new job!

Our story started in 2013 when Ness saw my profile on his cousins Twitter account and  decided to add me on Facebook. While I’m not usually one to respond to a strangers message, I saw his profile and thought his approach was very bold and different so I decided to accept his friend request. We became friends and because there was a definite attraction between us, it eventually transformed into love.

Our relationship was going well until my older brother found about us. From this point on, everything was a whirlwind! While by parents were very, very cool about the relationship, they also had a lot of apprehension because I am their only girl. I’m the middle child but they did not want to wait for my brother to get married and insisted on doing my wedding first!

My mom is very much a typical Tamil Mom and she really wanted everything to happen per traditions. My parents had Ness over for tea and discussed our future,  what their expectations were and if he was eligible to marry their daughter! After that, my whole family in law (yes whole! nearly 50 people – such a big family) came to my home for the Samantham Kaalapu last year in March. And in October my family and I went to his home for our engagement ceremony. We also fixed our weddings date, and began planning the big days!

Last March we all went to India  for my brother in laws wedding and we took advantage of this trip to shop for our wedding as well. I ended up purchasing my mehendi outfit, manavarai/ koorai sarees, Ness’s kurthas & Vesthis and my accessories on this trips. We went to various parts of India including Delhi, Chennai and Kanchipuram to make all these purchases as it had always been a dream of mine to get my wedding outfits from their place of origin.

Our parents planned and took charge of the Hindu wedding, which took place iat the Sivan Kovil

in Paris. We took care of the planning and preparations for the civil party and reception. Our parents let us pick everything from the venue, catering, decorations, wedding cake etc. Ness and I had a similar vision of how our wedding should be so the planning part was not difficult. It also really helped that Ness was easy-going and would agree with most of the choices I made.

All in all, we had the wedding of our dreams; full of emotions, laughter, tears, stress and love. We couldn’t be more overjoyed to witness our loved ones all together and having fun.

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Reception & Civil Party Highlights 







Featured Vendors

Photographer : Photon Image
Hair and Makeup Artist Hindu wedding : Kay S Mua 
Makeup Civil & Reception : Myriam Beauty
Hair Civil & Reception : Samy Benhamida
Wedding Planner : Sayeed Wedding Planner
Caterer & Deco : Asian Wedding Planner Paris
Tie • The • Thali would like to thank Dayana and Ness for allowing us to share their wedding events and experiences with our readers. We wish them nothing but the best for their married life. 

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