Swayamvaraa Wedding Exhibition


For couples planning their wedding, selecting wedding vendors can be a daunting task. With the wedding industry growing every day, it can be hard to know who to choose to help you put on your big day. This is where wedding shows and exhibitions come in hand as these showcase numerous vendors and present ideas and inspiration for your wedding and bridal events. With this in mind, we are excited to share with you today the work of one wedding exhibition that is based out of the UK with international recognition: Swayamvaraa Wedding Exhibition. 


Tell us about what the Swayamvaraa Wedding Show is and it’s purpose?

We are internationally certified luxury wedding planners, normally known as IWPP. We launched Swayamvaraa as certified wedding planner in 2012 and had our first show in 2013 as DUM DUM DUM (Targeted only Tamil audience), once the show became  a huge success among our lovely customers, we expanded our target market to include all South Asians such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and so on.  In 2014 we re-launched the exhibition with under the name Swayamvaraa  (the name where it  all started) and had actress Sneha and Prasanna as chief guests.  This show made huge recognition amongst many vendors. We continued to provide our exceptional services to very high end clients which led us to  two very busy years.    At Swayamvaraa, we provide you with the means to design, plan and organise your dream wedding. Our services are tailored to go above and beyond to help you create an exceptional celebration on your big day. We empower the couple’s inspiration by guaranteeing a more personal touch to reflect their sense of style. Swayamvaraa allows you to combine your own values and personality with our free wedding app to capture your vision for your celebration.  We take pride in our vast network of talented vendors who work along with us, and share our vision of delivering more convenient and creative wedding solutions. After all, weddings are made in heaven 8organising them should feel like one! We make every effort to create value for our vendors as well as our customers. We are committed to offering you some of the most well-known and innovative vendors to provide you with all the wedding solutions and expertise you need for your big day.




Where does it take place? How often do you hold a show?

This year (Season 3) will be taking place at De Vere The Connaught Rooms, London and next year we are planning to do one in India and Canada as we have majority vendors from there.


How long does it take you to plan and execute the show? Who are the faces behind the event?

Normally we start the planning 12 months in advance and if there are celebrity  guests involved that portion takes 6 months.   It was started and created by Sinthuja Indraneru who ran the first show with  help from her best friends Fatima and Krishny.  During Swayamvaraa with Sneha and Prasanna, we had many volunteers and tremendous support system compromised of the following people: Fatima, Krishny, Jey, Rajan, Kavino, Vithya, Thachi, Subee, Ara, Laxmi braha and Kutti Hari and of course everyone’s family made the show success. 


Planning this wedding show can almost be as extensive as planning a wedding. Tell us about some of the behind the scenes preparations your team goes through to make the event successful.

Planning a wedding exhibition is equal to planning ten weddings at the same time.  We always start the process by getting the packages and legal stuff ready. This year we have two celebrity vendors from India conducting workshops in London two days before the show as well. This has made our planning process a lot more heavier than usual and we have recruited a great team of people to take care of sections of the management.  


Do you mostly have local vendors who appear for the show, or do guests and vendors fly in from out of town?

On our first show we had Amar Ramesh from studioA attend and Wedding Vows magazine distributed their wedding issues at our show.  This year  our international guests include  Mystic Studios, Designer Shravan Kumar, Joseph Radhikk and Rachel from India and two vendors from Malaysia. In addition, we have 30 local vendors who are showcasing their business.  This year we have Rahjam Silks, Loukiya and Ceylon silks and Kaya Rajan are also showcasing their exclusive collections at the fashion show.


 What are some of the things guests attending your wedding show can look forward to? (Giveaways, fashion shows, tastings etc)

There are 15 gift hampers filled with various items from chocolates to TVs available to 15 lucky winners.  Also rather than  just sit and watch the show we are engaging with customers to participate in the show through some fun games such as newly wed games and  family wedding fortune. All of our vendors are doing promotions at the show and if you are getting married next year, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of seeing what these vendors have to offer. 


Tell us why you think attending a wedding show will be beneficial for a couple looking to plan their wedding.

Not everyone getting married know of all the vast variety of vendors out in the market. Sometimes you hear a name of a business and have no idea what they are about or what they offer because their work designation is not attached to their company names. Travelling to each vendor required for a wedding can also be time consuming and difficult and often times when you book each vendor seperately, you may end up paying more than you budgeted. This is where Swayamvaraa comes into play because we work on the clock to find the vendors for your budget and date. by coming to the show, you get more than what you bargained for because you not only save money, but you save time too.  You not only get to see the products and great offers by our vendors but you also get to see your favourite cine artist wearing and showcasing local work as well. 


As a vendor, what are the costs associated with participating in a wedding show? Why is a wedding show beneficial for them?

There are shows around the Uk that charge £1k fees but at Swayamvaraa, we work with our vendors to find a financial solution that works with everyone.  Swayamvaraa is beneficial for vendors in that it allows you to meet and connect with prospective customers in person instead of communicating with them over the phone. On the phone, you’re just another voice whereas in person, you become someone that they know, recognise, and want to connect with. You  have the chance to interact with both prospective customers and prospective vendors. This makes a Swayamvaraa – South Asian Wedding Exhibition more than just an opportunity to expand your distribution, but a chance to expand your supply chain.


Name a few vendors who participate in your events. How can a vendor be a part of your show?

Some of our past vendors include:
 – Jeyash Photography
– Soozana photography
 –  Casipillai Desinger Sarees
– Vithya Hair and Makeup
 – Mya Media
– Photon Image
– Kaya Rajan
– Niru Venkat
 – Abi foods
– Vanakkam London
– Galatta
– Wedding Vows
– Studio A
– NG Sarees
– Shindy Makeup
 – Heyans Creations
– Ajans Video
– Dazzling Darlings
 – Designer Jewellers
– Fashion saree London
– Kutty Baba
– Menaka cards
– Nisha Mua
– Nisha Shadow and Hair
 – Sejal Mua
– Unique wedding
– Nimal DJ
 – Unique favours
– Venisons
– Praveen cupcakes 

For this year we are 80% fully booked and if anyone wanted to be part of the show they can contact us through email – swayamvaraashow@gmail.com


If your show a ticketed event or is it a free access for all? If it is a ticketed event, how many guests can you accommodate? How much are your tickets and where can they be purchased?

Yes it is a ticketed vent, as the venue can only accommodate 2000 at a time. We have  limited the number via ticketing the event for £5 online
www.skybluemediaworks.com and tickets at the door will be £10. Also there are seated tickets available for the fashions show also available online.


How many vendors usually participate in your show? Are you able to accommodate more than this?

On our first year we had 15 vendors and followed by 34 vendors at the second show and our target is to have 50 vendors at this year show. 


Vendors usually bring samples of what they offer to entice new customers. Do they also bring stuff to sell right then and there to guests?

Yes, from saree and jewellery sellers to photography packages,  sales take place all throughout the show. This year, since the show is  happening at the beginning of the Christmas season, it is a good opportunity to  get something for your loved ones. 


How long does the show last? Do people come and go throughout the event or do most guests stay the entirety of they show?

Exhibition doors open at 10 am and fashion show starts at 1 pm to 6 pm . The exhibition concludes with a   cake cutting by the celebrity chief guest to celebrate our third show and five year anniversary on wedding planning service. 


Tell us 3 of your memorable or  favourite things about  your wedding show?

All time favourite and top will be having Sneha and Prasanna accept to  our invitation and attend our show. The second favourite will be the positiveness and support  of my vendors since day 1, cant thank them enough.  Third and final will be cutting cake to celebrate. 


What is the dress code like to the Swayamvaraa Wedding Show?

This year show is happening during winter so there is no dress code.   Anything casual will do fine.


How has the feedback been for your shows?

Doing a show is like producing a movie, we can’t make everyone happy but we do our best to  make every bride find something when they walk through the doors into our show. . After a couple of years we are doing the third season and without announcing who the chief guest attending will be , we have already sold  80%  of the stalls. This goes to show the positive reception our last shows have had and that we have done something good.  Regardless, we try to correct any negative feedback and making sure not to repeat even the smallest of mistakes. 


If you are in the UK area, make sure you grab your tickets as this is one exhibition you don’t want to miss and stay tuned on Tie • The • Thali for exclusive coverage on this years Exhibition. Special thanks to Proshine Images and Soozan Pvan Photography for the images. 



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